Hopping Half-Johnson

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Hopping Half-Johnson


A truly classic piece of coin magic made by Johnson products.
Done with an American Half-Dollar and an Old English Penny.

You clearly show the Half-Dollar and English penny in your hand and then remove the English penny and place it in your pocket. Open your hand and the penny is back with the half. Now you remove the half dollar and place it in your pocket. Open the hand and the half dollar is now back. Now you cleanly place the half on the table and show that your hand only contains the penny. The half is again placed in the pocket and again returns to the hand. Finally, you give the spectator a choice of either coin. You remove a coin from the hand and show it very cleanly and place it in your pocket. The hand is opened and the other coin has vanished.

This is the Johnson model using the "expanded" half dollar gimmick rather than the "cut down" half.
This enables you to use the gimmick in other half dollar effects.

Includes: Gimmicks and instructions.
A Full coin routine that requires no sleight of hand.
Every move is very deliberate and visual
Skill Level: Easy.

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Additional Information

Name Hopping Half-Johnson
SKU 02-2398

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