Here's "Hoo" With Coins

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Here's "Hoo" With Coins


A Magical Spoonerism no. 2

Here's "Hoo" With Coins: The Hooked-Coin Book

By Bill Spooner

A half dollar is clearly placed in the hand. It completely vanishes. Both hands are shown absolutely empty. The coin immediately materializes. The routine, misdirection, and psychology will allow you to fool the experts. Absolutely no tossing motions.

Short excerpt:

"Most magicians disdain the use of the Hoo, associating it with the young novice because many beginner's magic sets contain one. Very few magicians have seen a Hoo used as it can be used by a competent performer. Therefore, the Hoo is probably one of the most overlooked and neglected gimmicks in magic. oracles can be accomplished and some are thoroughly described within this booklet. The coin can be made to vanish and reappear in a most astounding fashion, I have used the routines presented here on both laymen and knowledgeable magicians, entertaining and fooling them all. Study and practice the basic moves as given and you will use the Hoo as frequently and confidently as a regular coin."

The booklet fully describes 10 effects with a "hoo" coin (hooked coin), including three routines, suggested pattern, and illustrations.

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Additional Information

Name Here's "Hoo" With Coins
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