Haunted Deck

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Haunted Deck


A spectator selects a card from a deck of cards. The card is placed back into the deck. The deck is set onto a table and upon the magicians command the deck slowly and mysteriously starts to move and cut itself revealing the selected card!
The trick is very eerie! The deck can be borrowed. The deck can be examined before and after the trick is over. Looks just like the picture.

Many effects are possible with this special deck. Here are just a few:

Basic Haunted Deck Routine: Three cards are selected from a deck of cards. They are placed back into the deck. Slowly the deck begins to cut itself. A card is left protruding out of the side of the deck. The deck then cuts itself two more time and two more cards are left sticking out of the deck. A spectator is asked to remove the cards from the deck. They turn the cards over. They are the selected cards. 

Crunchy Toast: A spectator selects a card out of the deck. the card is torn and then placed back into the deck. all of the sudden. The card mysteriously rises out of the deck completely restored. 

Thin Ice: A spectator selects a card. the card is then signed and placed back into the deck. The magician says, "Watch as your selected card will rise out of the deck." Instead of a selected card rising, a business card rises. The business card is removed and handed to the spectator to keep. The magician then reaches into his pocket and removes the signed card. 

Haunted Sucker: A card is selected out of a deck. The magician rises what is believed to be the selected card out of the deck, but it is the wrong card. The magician snaps the wrong card and instantly it changes into the selected card.

Comes with illustrated instructions and the secret material that makes the trick work.
Any cards can be used for the trick!
Come with a bicycle-backed, gimmicked deck to start you out.
Recommended for ages 10 and up

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Additional Information

Name Haunted Deck
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