Handicapped Driver Abuser Violation

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Handicapped Driver Abuser Violation


Does someone you know always park in the handicap spot when they aren't even handicap? Get them good with this handicap parking violation. 


Handicapped Driver Abuser

The undersigned hereby attests under penalty of perjury that the user is charged for the following offenses.

____ Parking in a handicapped parking zone without an official handicapped sticker.
____ Parks car in a handicap zone then runs into business in a sprint.
____ Parks car in a handicap zone and then walks with phony limp until out of sight.
____ Returns to car limping on the opposite foot.
____ Limps on the different leg on Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday.
____ When questioned pretends to be deaf or says, "No Talkie".
____ Tells people that he was in the service but actually means that he went to a church service.
____ Forced each family member to apply for a handicapped sticker.
____ Gets special cart transportation to the airline gate and makes the skycap porter carry the skis and golf clubs.

Plaintiff Signature _______
Mandatory Penalty________


Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Handicapped Driver Abuser Violation
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