Glasgow Connection

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Glasgow Connection


This DVD features nine powerful routines from Eddie McColl; they range from sleight heavy mechanics to elegant and simple magic. Each of these routines will engage and impress any audience because not only is Eddie a master with a deck of cards, but he understands how to develop powerful magic. In order to support some of the more technical effects, the DVD features an in-depth training section called Toolbox. In this section, Eddie teaches some of the more complicated sleights and his handling on some of card magic’s most versatile moves.

Ginsburg Aces – Here Eddie demonstrates a use for the Ginsberg Poke, producing the 4 aces from a shuffled pack. Impossible Location – One quite impossible location of a card merely looked at by a spectator. Merlin’s Lost Ace Trick – A very direct four ace assembly. Two Card to Pocket Transposition – A combination of card-to-pocket with two selections and a classic transposition. Stabbed – The classic stab effect using another card instead of a knife. Triple Location – culminating in a very quick and beautiful production, three cards are located from a shuffled pack with ease. Bold Travellers – The classic Vernon Travellers effect all from one palm. Shuffle Trap – An impossible two card transposition using riffle shuffles. No Rollover Aces – Four aces are found from a shuffled deck, only to climax with each of the four aces having found their royal flushes. Copyright RSVP Magic 2018

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Name Glasgow Connection
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