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Gambling Items

Gambling Items

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  • Three Ace Monte Plus

    Three Ace Monte Plus

    The THREE ACE MONTE is a variation of the old swindle Three Card Monte, except with this you entertain your audience instead of taking their money. Three cards were shown; idea is to keep your eye on the money card which is the Ace. No matter how hard they try it is never where they think it is.

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  • Cheating Exposed

    Cheating Exposed

    Geno Munari has spent a lifetime studying casino scams and has worked in just about every facet of casino gaming, security and even ownership. On this DVD he discusses and explains the many ways to cheat at casino Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps.

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  • Bicycle Cards

    Bicycle Cards

    Standard Deck of Cards
    Red or Blue Rider Dack 

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  • Expert at the Card Table

    Expert at the Card Table DVD set

    Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge

    The Holy Grail of Card Magic!
    This ten DVD set teaches you everything from the classic book EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE by the mysterious S.W. Erdnase. Every aspect of the book is taught by ALLAN ACKERMAN one of the top card magicians and teachers in the world. Learn More

  • Book-Pocket Expert at the Card Table

    Book-Pocket Expert at the Card Table

    The Expert at the Card Table: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table.

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  • It's a Racket

    It's a Racket

    The Snares, Gyps, Swindles, and Frauds that separate you from your money.

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  • Convex Shiner

    Convex Shiner

    Based on some ideas by Jimmy Grippo
    Plus some bonus material by Audley V. Walsh
    Comes with one and six sixteen inch shiner.

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  • Casino Cheating Devices and Techniques Of The American Gambler

    Casino Cheating Devices and Techniques Of The American Gambler

    Various Casino Cheating Devices are photographed and described and how it was used. Also included are devices that are no longer available to be photographed because they had been used, seized for trial and then destroyed. An attempt is made to include all of the devices, tools and/or methods. Learn More
  • Ted Lesley's Marked Deck

    Ted Lesley's Marked Deck

    This is the TED LESLEY's Working Performers Marked Deck Manual.  You can make (secret) marks on your deck of cards to identify them. Complete with marking material.

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  • Double Sided Quarter Heads

    Double Sided Quarter Heads

    Think of the fun you could have with this at parties, the office or with that big mouth neighbor! Keep your two-headed quarter with you and never lose a bet again! Learn More
  • Beat' EM, Cheat' EM, Leave' EM Bleedin'

    Beat' EM, Cheat' EM, Leave' EM Bleedin'

    Use The Secrets of Magicians & Cart Cheats To Scam The Big Bucks!
    Version 2.0 has new scams added including the diabolical dice swindle, “Game of Bones!” Learn More
  • Tricky Dice

    Tricky Dice

    You can't lose! Roll a 7 or 11 every time with these tricky dice.  You can then hand them out and no one else can win!

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Set Descending Direction

13-24 of 52