Bundle-Gambler's Prediction

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Bundle-Gambler's Prediction


Gambler's Prediction Bundle -

64 Betcha: Many people like to gamble. Once you learn some of the "Betcha" in this book, you'll help satisfy this inclination while at the same time showing what a fun and clever person you are.

Trick Deck: The secret deck of magicians and card sharks! Find the selected card instantly! Pull all four aces from the deck! There are hundreds of tricks possible with this deck!

Two Card Monte: You cannot lose with this trick. Even though two cards are used, the spectator will never guess correctly which card is in your hand and which one is behind your back. Sleight of hand is not required and this is easy to do!

Gambler's Dice Box: An innocent looking box and a pair of dice are examined. They seem normal, yet the magician can beat or tie any number shaken by the spectator! The magician can also predict what number will be shaken, or can shake any number called for!

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Additional Information

Name Bundle-Gambler's Prediction
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