Gambler's Marked Deck- Bicycle Maiden Back

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Gambler's Marked Deck- Bicycle Maiden Back

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The Gamblers Marked Deck is a stripper deck, a stacked or prearranged setup deck, a marked deck, a one-way deck with a bicycle back. Each deck comes in the stacked order and has eight main features, The cards are stripped, stacked, a box reminder, a joker reminder, a bar code prediction, marked six ways, instructional card for the marking system and a card locator table. Following the basic features there is a glossary and explanation of card handling terms and how to do them, and then specially selected card effects using the various principals. Look like a card sharp in minutes.  Pull out the four aces after the deck has been shuffled. There are hundreds of effects possible and easy to do!
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The Gambler's Marked Deck is an arsenal of cards for those who are beginning in card magic.
The Gambler's Marked Deck is a unique deck that perfectly blends three types of gimmicked decks into one simplistic design. The Bicycle Maiden Back design is another bonus, for it produces an innocent look of a regular deck of playing cards. The markings used to tell the face of each card are discreetly hidden for the spectator, but are easy for the magician to find and decipher. The stripping of the deck allows the magician to locate and produce a chosen card in an instant. A favorable routine is having a card selected and placed into a haphazardly shuffled deck, with half the cards facing up and the other half facing down. With just a few cuts, the deck is fixed with all the cards face up expect for the selected card. Finally, the stacked method of the deck allows the magician to seemingly have the ability to know where every card is in the deck. Perfect for a card counting routine or a prediction where the magician already knew which card the volunteer selected. I have been using this deck for nearly two years now, and have received great responses from my audience members. The only problem that I have with this deck, is that I can't stop using it! Review by Ace / (Posted on 5/10/2017)

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