Fechter's Aces

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Fechter's Aces


On this two-volume set, you will learn the famous Fechter’s Ace’s routine from Obie O’Brien!

Then, Obie will perform and share with you some of his practical magic for the close-up performer. Some of these close-up treasures even involve the use of jumbo playing cards!

DVD One:

  • Fechters Aces
  • 3 K's
  • Obie's Chicago Opener
  • Plate

DVD Two:

  • Almost Mind Reading
  • Dunbury Deblusion
  • ESP Cards
  • Miss It The First Time
  • Nudist Deck
  • Card Trick
  • Sponge Rabbits
  • Obie O'brien's Big Bucks
  • Flying Eagles
  • Mystery Card
  • Two Card Monte
  • The Poker Deal
  • Big Mike/Little Joe
  • & More...
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Additional Information

Name Fechter's Aces
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