DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards

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DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards


The Complete Course in Sleight of Hand With Cards comes to you in this 4 DVD Set!
You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a World Class Magician!

DVDs 1,2,3 Complete Card Manipulation
DVD 4 Bonus Ball & Thimble Manipulations!

Sleight of Hand With Cards 4 DVD Set List of Effects Performed & Explained


  • Hand Exercises
  • Breaking in the Cards
  • Powdering the Cards
  • Thumb Fan
  • Pressure Fan
  • One Handed Fan
  • S- Fan
  • Sharp One Handed Fan
  • Charlier Cut
  • Card Springing
  • Cards from the mouth
  • Riffle Palming
  • Back palm vanish
  • Back palm vanish 2
  • Vanishing card to silk
  • Back palm production
  • Front palm
  • Pivot move
  • Roy Benson move
  • Cardini Single Production
  • Snap Production
  • Ken Brooke Single Production
  • Eddy Ray card trick
  • Card spinning
  • Card spinning from palm
  • Snap spin
  • Boomerang card
  • Single toss split
  • One hand deal display


  • Blank fan/reverse fan
  • Fanning deck
  • Color changes w/ fanning deck
  • Double fan split
  • One-handed circular fan
  • Giant fan of cards
  • Card transposition
  • Perfect production
  • Back palm fan of cards
  • Split fan productions
  • Squeeze production
  • Cards from silk
  • Frank Garcia's Challenge Card Fan Production
  • Tenkai packet vanish
  • Packet fan away vanish
  • Packet fan away vanish to silk
  • Arm spread and catch
  • Arm spread turnover and catch
  • One-handed top of the arm spread and catch
  • Tenkai card vanish
  • Eddy Ray Fako Move
  • Eddy Ray Birdie Move


  • Tenaki Card Production
  • Producing Cards in both hands
  • Fan appearance
  • Eddy Ray card production
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Additional Information

Name DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards
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