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  • Mask-Trump


    Tell people how it really is with this Presidential mask. Learn More
  • Mask-Hilary Clinton

    Mask-Hilary Clinton

    Latex mask with openings for eyes, nose, and mouth closure to hold mask on head Looks sorta like you-know-who One size fits most Includes 3/4 over head mask Learn More
  • Tricky Top Hat

    Tricky Top Hat

    A top hat is shown to be empty, then items magically appear! Produce any item that fits in the secret compartment! You can even pull a small rabbit out of the hat. Perform this great magic trick close up, surrounded, or even on stage! Learn More

  • Glasses-Harry Potter

    Glasses-Harry Potter

    Iconic round eyeglasses to complete your Harry Potter costume. Learn More
  • Mask-Shark


    Just when your friends thought it was safe to go swimming, you buy this. Learn More
  • BackPack-Darth Vader

    BackPack-Darth Vader

    Backpack Buddies are designed to make you look as if you’re giving characters piggyback rides. When you wear the Vader pack, you basically become Vader’s personal vehicle. His black cape flies freely behind you and makes you look dramatic and important whenever you take off… Learn More
  • Mask-Stocking Halloween

    Mask-Stocking Halloween

    Need a little something for Halloween? This spooky pumpkin stocking mask is a great, affordable option that is sure to get people scared in so many ways. Learn More
  • Emmett Kelly Jr.

    Emmett Kelly Jr.

    Ventriloquist Figure Molded after the great circus star. • Approximately 30" tall. • Vinyl head and hands. • Painted eyes and mouth. • Molded hair

    Learn More
  • Mask-Joker


    From The Dark Knight, an officially licensed foam latex "The Joker" mask with hair all the way around Learn More


    Reaper of the dead hooded mask Darkened eye openings add to the horror Attached hood covers head and shoulders Learn More


    Star Trek Movie Adult Nero Mask


    Learn More


    Imported Latex Full overhead mask fits most adults Easy slip-on design will cover entire head and neck to be easily concealed under full costume Masks can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. keep mask fresh and dry by dusting inside of mask with talcum powder during storage. cover and store mask over a head form or stuff with paper to retain its shape. Made In Mexico

    Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

13-24 of 108