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  • Mask-Just A Hunch

    Mask-Just A Hunch

    Hunchback character with hand-painted eye and a professional quality wig 100% Polyester Made in the US Hand Wash Great fit Good visibility Fabulous freaky and funny latex mask Learn More
  • Monster- Make Your Own

    Monster- Make Your Own

    Create hundreds of crazy creatures with this fuzzy friend and its interchangeable parts!

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Cheerleader


    It's easy to root for your favorite team with Megan Pompomovich, on your squad. Go, team, go!

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Ballerina


    Tina Prima takes center stage to pirouette and plie in her satiny leotard and tulle tutu. Learn More

  • Puppet-Pirate


    Yo ho!  Barnacle Bart is always ready for treasure hunting and adventures on the high seas! Learn More

  • Puppet-Construction


    Your real estate will always increase in value if it's been built by Harry I. Beamer. Learn More

  • Puppet-Lion


    This King of the Jungle can rule over any environment! Learn More

  • Puppet-Police Officer

    Puppet-Police Officer

    Great puppets to teach kids about anything! Officer Cyrus ‘Cy’ Wren can show the kids why it's important to use crosswalks in a fun way!

    Learn More
  • Puppet-King


    King Carl Castlehoff IV will reign over many royal adventures when brought to life by your puppeteer.   This unique royal puppet features elegant hand detailing and materials carefully crafted for years of pretend play!

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Surgeon


    This playful plush Surgeon Puppet is a great pretend-play pal. The cute and cuddly character is easily animated, fun to play with. Learn More

  • Puppet-Firefighter


    Chief Walter Blaze is always on duty and ready with his protective hard hat and reflective coat to save the day! Learn More

  • Puppet-Chef


    What's for dinner?  Just ask Chef Alfredo 'Al' Dente for the special of the day!  Use one hand to manipulate the puppet's mouth and facial expressions while gesturing with the removable wooden rod with the other.  Detachable rod is suitable for lefties or righties!

    Learn More
  • Mask-Trump


    Tell people how it really is with this Presidential mask. Learn More
  • Mask-Hilary Clinton

    Mask-Hilary Clinton

    Latex mask with openings for eyes, nose, and mouth closure to hold mask on head Looks sorta like you-know-who One size fits most Includes 3/4 over head mask Learn More
  • Tricky Top Hat

    Tricky Top Hat

    A top hat is shown to be empty, then items magically appear! Produce any item that fits in the secret compartment! You can even pull a small rabbit out of the hat. Perform this great magic trick close up, surrounded, or even on stage! Learn More

  • Glasses-Harry Potter

    Glasses-Harry Potter

    Iconic round eyeglasses to complete your Harry Potter costume. Learn More
  • Mask-Shark


    Just when your friends thought it was safe to go swimming, you buy this. Learn More
  • BackPack-Darth Vader

    BackPack-Darth Vader

    Backpack Buddies are designed to make you look as if you’re giving characters piggyback rides. When you wear the Vader pack, you basically become Vader’s personal vehicle. His black cape flies freely behind you and makes you look dramatic and important whenever you take off… Learn More
  • Mask-Stocking Halloween

    Mask-Stocking Halloween

    Need a little something for Halloween? This spooky pumpkin stocking mask is a great, affordable option that is sure to get people scared in so many ways. Learn More
  • Emmett Kelly Jr.

    Emmett Kelly Jr.

    Ventriloquist Figure Molded after the great circus star. • Approximately 30" tall. • Vinyl head and hands. • Painted eyes and mouth. • Molded hair

    Learn More
  • Mask-Joker


    From The Dark Knight, an officially licensed foam latex "The Joker" mask with hair all the way around Learn More


    Reaper of the dead hooded mask Darkened eye openings add to the horror Attached hood covers head and shoulders Learn More


    Star Trek Movie Adult Nero Mask


    Learn More


    Imported Latex Full overhead mask fits most adults Easy slip-on design will cover entire head and neck to be easily concealed under full costume Masks can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. keep mask fresh and dry by dusting inside of mask with talcum powder during storage. cover and store mask over a head form or stuff with paper to retain its shape. Made In Mexico

    Learn More
  • Mask-Chewbacca


    100% Synthetic Imported Hand Wash 5.12" high 1.97" wide Molded Wookie overhead mask Learn More
  • Mask-Palpatine


    Need a Darth Sidious mask to complete your cosplay group of Sith characters? Learn More
  • Mask Freddy Krueger

    Mask Freddy Krueger

    "Whatever you do... Don't... fall... asleep." Learn More
  • Mask- Stan

    Mask- Stan

    Be Stan Marsh from South Park at your next party Learn More
  • Mask- Kyle

    Mask- Kyle

    Be Kyle Broflovski from South Park at your next party and try to only talk in Kyle quotes. Learn More
  • Mask-Kenny


    OMG, they killed Kenny! Learn More
  • Mask-Skeleton with red eyes

    Mask-Skeleton with red eyes

    Nothing is scarier than a creepy zombie skeleton, and with this mask, you are sure to freak people out this Halloween. Learn More


    Mask Chains

  • Mask-Horse head

    Mask-Horse head

    Perfect for masquerade parties,gifts,costume parties,carnival,christmas,easter,new years eve party,halloween,etc. Material: eco-friendly latex The size fits for most adult heads. Color: is normally have shown as pictures. Learn More
  • Puppet-Princess


    Princess Catherine Castlehoff is regally dressed in purple and gold.  This unique royal puppet features elegant hand detailing and materials carefully crafted for years of pretend play!

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Cowgirl


    Yeehaw! Sally Sidesaddle is ready to jump into the rodeo action! Learn More

  • Dragon Puppet

    Dragon Puppet

    From the tips of his wings to the tips of his forked tongue, it's easy to breathe excitement into this enchanting dragon. The glitter in his big googly eyes and friendly, expressive face will add an important character to medieval puppet shows and pretend play. Learn More
  • Happy Kids Hand Puppet

    Happy Kids Hand Puppet

    Eight  Different Plush Happy Kids Hand Puppets to choose from.

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Mermaid


    With her long yellow hair and silky accessories, Shelly Seashore makes a splash wherever she goes!

    Learn More
  • WC Fields

    WC Fields

    "The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves" - W.C. Fields
    30" Ventriloquist Doll w/ Tote Bag and Instruction Booklet

    Learn More
  • Laurel


    "Humor is the truth; wit is an exaggeration of the truth." - Stan Laurel Learn More
  • Hardy


    "If you must make a noise, make it quietly." - Oliver Hardy Learn More
  • Gorilla Suit-black

    Gorilla Suit-black

    Scare your friends in this Black Gorilla Costume that are perfect for any occasion.
    Includes: Black gorilla Jumpsuit, Mitts, Mask. One Size fits most adults

    Learn More
  • Gorilla Suit-Pink

    Gorilla Suit-Pink

    Adult Pink Gorilla costume covers you from head to toe in pink gorilla fur. The suit also comes with matching beige-colored latex hands and feet and a latex mask with eye openings. Fits individuals who are up to 5'11' tall and a maximum weight of 180 lbs.

    Learn More
  • Mask-Chicken


    Bok Bok every day with this mask Learn More
  • Mask-Pirate


    This Halloween style Realistic Pirate Overhead Costume mask will be fun for any dress up party occasion Learn More
  • Mask-Cat


    Get weird this Halloween with this Cat Mask with fur! Learn More
  • Mask- Gorilla

    Mask- Gorilla



    Perfect for a Rainbow or Unicorn themed party. Learn More


    Get ready to Horse around your neighborhood with our Deluxe Latex Unicorn Horse Head Mask. Learn More
  • Musical Tie

    Musical Tie

    The Original Musical Tie with gray keyboard design Touch sensitive wearable tie with eight musical notes Learn More
  • Mask-OH 69

    Mask-OH 69

    Be the Queen of the Bingo Hall with this mask. Learn More
  • Mask-I Got The Blues

    Mask-I Got The Blues

    Dark skinned male character with mustache and an attached adjustable size cap (cap colors vary) 100% Polyester Made in the US Hand Wash 6.3" high 11.35" wide Lightweight Adjustable baseball hat Some mouth movement possible Strong Classic Sculpt of an African American Blues musician with great visibility, comfortable and easy wearability The mask alone is a full costume. Learn More
  • Mask-Darth Vader

    Mask-Darth Vader

    100% plastic Hand Wash Injection molded Darth Vader mask Covers face and neck One size fits most Officially licensed star wars merchandise Learn More
  • Mask-Storm Trooper

    Mask-Storm Trooper

    Dress like an Official Storm Trooper. Officially licensed Star Wars Episode VII costume accessory. Learn More
  • BackPack-Yoda


    Show of Force In this backpack you'll find only what you take with you -- and you can fit plenty in Yoda's roomy pouch! So strap this little master on and begin your Jedi training or just take a stroll in the park.

    Learn More
  • Wig-King of Pop

    Wig-King of Pop

    King of pop wig with glasses.  Learn More
  • Mask-Elephant


    Need a mask for a political party, animal gathering, Halloween, or play? This elephant is a great mask for you! Learn More
  • Mask-Goon


    Even the undead fear the Goon, mob enforcer and protector of the downtrodden residents of Lonely Street. Learn More
  • Mask-Bum with Cigarette

    Mask-Bum with Cigarette

    Full Head Smoking Bum Mask! • Baseball Cap Included! • Cartoon Style Mask With Scruff! • Built To Last Years of Fun! • One Size Fits Most

    Learn More
  • Mask-Donkey


    Latex • Adult Latex Donkey Mask • Made Of Durable Latex • One Size Fits Most Adults And Teens • Discreet Eye Holes

    Great for political campaigns, farm visits,, or anytime you feel slightly like an ass. Learn More
  • Mask-Ghoul with hair

    Mask-Ghoul with hair

    Big Teeth Ghoul Cartoon Style Mask! Easy Breathe Hole! One Size Fits Most Halloween Ready! Realistic Creepy Ghoul Mask w Long Blonde Hair - Adult One Size

    Learn More


    Need a mask for an animal party, Halloween, or play? This mask may not save you money on insurance but it is a guaranteed laugh. Learn More
  • Mask-Yoda


    Complete your Grand Jedi Master costume with this officially licensed Yoda Vinyl Mask for adults Learn More
  • Mask-Pennywise


    Every twenty-seven years he comes from the deepest reaches of your fears Learn More
  • Mask- Savage

    Mask- Savage

    Includes Savage over-the-head latex mask with growling teeth, snarling muzzle and spiked hair. Please note: This item's color may vary due to inherent manufacturing variations or your computer monitor's color settings. The item you receive will be identical or substantially similar to the item pictured in this listing.

    Latex mask.

    Not recommended for children under 10 years of  age.

    Learn More
  • Mask-Michael Myers

    Mask-Michael Myers

    Creep out your friends and family with this mask of everyone's favorite killer. Learn More
  • Mask- Chimp

    Mask- Chimp

    Mask Chimp

    Latex Chimp Mask Covers Full Face and Head One Size Fits All Made from Latex Rubber Packaging: Plastic Bag

  • Mask-Demon Skull

    Mask-Demon Skull

    A Halloween Demon From Hell! This full over-the-head adult latex Halloween mask is ideal for topping off your Halloween costume.

    100% latex
    Hand Wash
    Latex demon skull mask with foam filled horns and chin
    Latex overhead mask stretches into place and stays in place
    One size fits most

    Learn More
  • Mask-Devil Skull

    Mask-Devil Skull

    This high-quality latex mask features intricate detailing, over 20 horns and black mesh covering the eye-holes. One size fits most adults.

    Learn More
  • Puppet-Tiger


    "King Carl Castlehoff IV" comes with a funny introduction to inspire imaginative play ideas and giggles. Learn More
  • Puppet-Monkey


    Young puppeteers will go ape with this easily animated chimp puppet. Learn More

  • Mask- Scary Clown

    Mask- Scary Clown

    Terrify your friends and family with this disturbing evil clown mask. Comes complete with neon green hair. Sized to fit most adults. Learn More


    Roomy enough that should easily fit any child or adult (even when wearing glasses). A little hard to see through the nostrils, but who cares? It's totally worth it for the look! Package Size: 7*6*1.5 inch Weight: 1 lb Shipping Learn More
  • Wig-Blonde


    Synthetic Fiber Look Like Christina Aguilera! Look Like Madonna! Classy and Fancy! Great Halloween Idea Learn More
  • Wig-Dreadlock


    Synthetic Fiber High Quality! Great for parties! Dreads Wig! Great Halloween Idea Learn More
  • Wig-Rock Star-Elvis

    Wig-Rock Star-Elvis

    Synthetic Fiber Look Just Like Elvis Presley! Rock Singer Wig! Straight out of the 70s! Great Halloween Idea (1) Loftus Elvis Rock Singer Costume Wig Black One Size (Adult) Learn More
  • Mask-Thug


    Burglar character with attached eye mask and knit cap. Great for Cosplay, Festivals, Haunted Houses and Theatre. Thug offers facial features eliciting great audience reaction. Learn More
  • Mask-Dude


    The Bite Me character is funny and generates great audience reaction. Learn More
  • Slumber Party Dolls

    Slumber Party Dolls

    Every little girl at your slumber party will love these adorable yarn-haired dolls. Hide one of these dolls in every little girl's goody bag to give them a new friend to share at the party. Learn More
  • Wand-Harry Potter W/Light Rec

    Wand-Harry Potter W/Light Rec

    Wand measures 14 inches in length. Collector's box included. Learn More
  • Mask- Gorilla Moving Mouth- Adult

    Mask- Gorilla Moving Mouth- Adult

    12 x 6 x 8 inches Unleash your inner animal this Halloween with this moving mouth adult mask! This faux fur gorilla head features striking eyes and a movable mouth. Adult sizes. Learn More
  • Venom Latex Mask

    Mask- Venom Latex Mask

    Look like your favorite anti-hero for your next party! Learn More
  • Mr. Slim Mask

    Mr. Slim Mask

    This terrifying mask features a stitched up face held together with staples and huge black soulless eyes that are sure to scare anyone. Learn More
  • Wand-Harry Potter W/Light

    Wand-Harry Potter W/Light

    Harry Potter magic wand with light- and sound effects. Just give it a wave, or swish and flick; watch as the magic comes alive at your fingertips. Learn More


    This Mrs. Living Dead Latex Mask is a female zombie style mask with hollow eyes, skull-like cheekbones, a lipless mouth, yellow tooth, and an attached long old lady wig that extends to the shoulders. Learn More
  • Mr. Living Dead Mask

    Mr. Living Dead Mask

    Super Awesome Zombie mask with full attached wig Learn More
  • Albus Dumbledore Adult Latex Mask

    Albus Dumbledore Adult Latex Mask

    Need a mask for your trip to the Wizarding World, Halloween party, play? Dress as everyone's favorite mentor with this amazing mask.

    Learn More
  • Harry Potter Wand

    Harry Potter Wand

    Exclusive item from the Harry Potter Universe.

    Learn More
  • Mask-Baraka


    100% Synthetic Imported Hand Wash Premium quality overhead Baraka mask Features gaping fanged monster mouth One size fits most teens and adult

    Mask Baraka 

    Not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

    Learn More
  • Mask-Chewbacca- Supreme

    Mask-Chewbacca- Supreme

    Latex • Full overhead mask fits most adults • Latex overhead mask completely covered with hand-layered multicolored long hair faux fur, for an authentic blended look • Masks can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. keep mask fresh and dry by dusting inside of mask with talcum powder during storage. cover and store mask over a head form or stuff with paper to retain its shape.

    Learn More
  • Mask-Burger King

    Mask-Burger King

    100 latex One Size closure Wipe clean with a damp cloth or hand wash Latex mask One size fits most Full over the head mask Oversize face with attached crown Learn More
  • Mask-Jake Sully

    Mask-Jake Sully

    Overhead latex adult mask Brand new, Officially licensed Learn More
  • Mask-Alien green

    Mask-Alien green

    100% latex Hand Wash 2" high 11" wide Bug-eyed alien mask with foam filled chin and cheek pads Latex overhead mask stretches into place and stays in place One size fits most Learn More
  • Top Hat W/light

    Top Hat W/light

    Great accessory to brighten up shows and performances • Made of black felt derby • One size fits all • Needs 3 AAA batteries (not included) • Easy to operate.

    Learn More
  • Wille Tyler Lester
  • Neon Wigs Assorted colors

    Neon Wigs Assorted colors

    This neon wig will turn any ensemble into festive attire! A pronounced pageboy wig for all occasions. Choose one wig from 5 different colors. One size fits most.

    Learn More
  • Wig- Curlers

    Wig- Curlers

    Great for that morning coffee look. Comes in brown, blonde and black!

    Learn More
  • Wand-Harry Potter

    Wand-Harry Potter

    Plastic Harry Potter wand that is wide to fit a young wizard's hand with ease. Great for costumes, cosplay and doing magic tricks. Learn More
  • Bunny Costume

    Bunny Costume

    This full-body costume features a jumpsuit, shoe covers, hand mittens and a head, complete with a full bunny face and ears. The entire costume is covered in white bunny fur. Adults who weigh up to 200 pounds will fit in this costume. Out of Stock

    Learn More
  • Chicken Costume

    Chicken Costume

    Don't be chicken! Wear this costume and have some fun! With Halloween around the corner!! Order now Learn More

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