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  • Book-Magic Of Michael Ammar

    Book-Magic Of Michael Ammar

    11.2 x 8.6 x 1.3 inches Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds QUANTITIES LIMITED! Learn More

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price $54.00

  • Book-Complete Cups & Balls by Michael Ammar

    Book-Complete Cups & Balls by Michael Ammar

    The Cups and Balls Magic Illusion is universally acclaimed as the effect which should be studied by every magician. Learn More
  • Book-The Performance Of Close-Up

    Book-The Performance Of Close-Up

    Eugene Burger's "Series of Evocative Essays" that he hopes will, "Challenge you, cause you to stop and reflect upon your own magic, inspire you to practice and rehearse, and, in the process, improve your own close-up magic performances." Learn More
  • Book-Houdini Pictorial Biography

    Book-Houdini Pictorial Biography

    A fully illustrated biography of the world's most famous escape artist, magician, and daredevil, written and compiled by a renowned magician and collector scholar of magic Melbourne Christopher Learn More
  • Book-Complete course in magic (Hardcover)

    Book-Complete course in magic (Hardcover)


    From the widely recognized master of tricks and illusions, here is a completely comprehensive- and thoroughly up to date guide to planning and performing magic tricks and putting on your own magic show. With dozens of stunning tricks clearly explained, you'll soon become a master with the power to stun and dazzle any and all who turn out to see you perform.

    Learn More
  • The Wall

    The Wall

    A truly beautiful piece of magic, that will elevate your show immediately! Learn More
  • Houdini Postcards

    Houdini Postcards

    Houdini and costar, Lila Lee, on the set of "Terror Island" (1920)

    Send your loved one a little piece of magic with one of our Houdini Postcards.

    Learn More
  • Handcuff Goal Breaking Mystery

    Handcuff Goal Breaking Mystery

    Handcuff Goal Breaking Mystery
    Published by Daisy Bank Printing and Publishing
    Compiled by W. Selby
    The Great Handcuff and Goal Breaking Mystery Exposed
    Second Issue.

    Learn More
  • Revelation Dai Vernon

    Revelation Dai Vernon

    A facsimile reproduction of the entire, original typed Revelation manuscript.

    Learn More
  • Steel ball  thru glass

    Steel ball thru glass

    You now hold the box up to the spectator's eye level and as you gently shake the box, the steel ball is seen to penetrate the glass and fall through the box and onto the floor or the spectator's cupped hands! Beautifully hand made a walnut box with inlay. Box, steel ball and glass can be completely examined before and after. Learn More
  • DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    Excited to present The Ultimate Sphinx!
    2 disc set 1902- 1953 52 Volumes.
    Captured on DVD in color.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $53.99

  • Houdini Postcards

    Houdini Postcards

    Harry Houdini emerges from the coffin in which he was sealed for 90 minutes and immersed in the Hotel Shelton's swimming pool! Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

25-36 of 52