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  • Houdini Souvenir Program

    Houdini Souvenir Program

    This is an actual reproduction of the souvenir program sold at HOUDINI's shows in the lobby of the theaters during the 1925-26 season  He was presenting his performances on a coast-to-coast tour(s) of North America.

    Very interesting historical item relating to HOUDINI.

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  • Art and Ardor at the Card Table

    Art and Ardor at the Card Table

    Jimmy Nuzzo and Edward Marlo Collaborated on card magic that is visual and confounding because of sophisticated sleight of hand. It is these secrets that have formulated some of the most fooling magic ever created.

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  • Bean Cobb Handcuffs

    Bean Cobb Handcuffs

    Improved Bean's Pattern Handcuffs.

    Rare Collector's Item.

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  • Book-Complete course in magic (Softbound)

    Book-Complete course in magic (Softbound)

    From the widely recognized master of tricks and illusions, here is a completely comprehensive- and thoroughly up to date guide to planning and performing magic tricks and putting on your own magic show. With dozens of stunning tricks clearly explained, you'll soon become a master with the power to stun and dazzle any and all who turn out to see you perform. Learn More
  • Book-Close-Up & Personal

    Book-Close-Up & Personal

    The Magic of David Regal. Lorayne's title proved prophetic, and after seeing the contents of Close-Up & Personal, his comment was, "He'll fool the hell out of you." Learn More
  • Book-The Himber Wallet

    Book-The Himber Wallet

    If you already own a Himber Wallet or intend to ever own one, you simply cannot do without this book. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Himber Wallet—its handling, its uniqueness, its capabilities, its possibilities, and impossibilities. Learn More
  • Book-Dai Vernon Magic

    Book-Dai Vernon Magic

    The Dai Vernon Book of Magic by Ganson, Lewis. Very Good to Excellent Condition. Learn More
  • Book-BlackStone *A Magician's Life*

    Book-BlackStone *A Magician's Life*

    Blackstone's extravagant productions advertised "1001 wonders" and "an enchanting array of beautiful girls." Waldron's vivid and thoroughly researched narrative, enhanced with first-hand accounts by those who worked on the Blackstone show, presents an unforgettable portrait of a unique showman. Illustrated throughout with photographs. Learn More
  • Houdini Noteables

    Houdini Noteables

    It's a smart card for all occasions! Write a letter about your greatest escapes with this die-cut Houdini picture  note card! Includes a sticker sheet with quotes from HOUDINI himself to customize your card! 

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  • Book-Seabrooke's Book

    Book-Seabrooke's Book

    The life and mysteries of a celebrated lunatic. Learn the real secrets of the successful Master of Ceremonies. Learn More
  • Books Of Wonder

    Books Of Wonder

    there are numerous genuinely thought-provoking and enlightening essays, which fit with Wonder's magic to illustrate how he puts his thoughts into action. Learn More
  • Book-Magic Of Michael Ammar

    Book-Magic Of Michael Ammar

    11.2 x 8.6 x 1.3 inches Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds QUANTITIES LIMITED! Learn More

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