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  • Quarter Through Matches

    Quarter Through Matches

     Plastic block with an opening through the middle big enough for a quarter to pass through with three matches going in three holes on the top to prevent anything from passing through. Then mysteriously a quarter passes through without any stops.

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  • Hopping Half

    Hopping Half

    Show two coins, a half dollar and an English penny. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one, show it, place it in your pocket. Open your hand- both coins are still there! Repeat this several times, if you wish. Finally, as a climax, after removing a coin and placing it in your pocket, open your hand- it’s empty! Both coins have vanished. *Can be learned instantly *Trick is Self-Working *No Sleight of Hand *This is not the expanded coin edition. Learn More

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  • Self Working Coin Magic

    Self Working Coin Magic

    Money and magic — a combination that never fails to attract attention! With this helpful and revealing book, even novices can astound friends and relatives with mystifying magical feats requiring little more than common coins and paper currency. Learn More
  • Book-Nickels and Dimes Book-30 tricks

    Book-Nickels and Dimes Book-30 tricks

    You show four U.S. or Canadian nickels and place a brass cap over them. Presto they change to dimes!  NO sleight of hand.  Can be carried in the pocket.  Easy to do.


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  • Book-Double Sided Coin

    Book-Double Sided Coin

    Think of the fun you could have with this at parties, the office or with that big mouth neighbor! Keep your two-headed quarter with you and never lose a bet again!BOOK ONLY! Learn More
  • Book-Scotch and Soda

    Book-Scotch and Soda

    This book by Julie Detmer has 55 tricks, a majority all original, for Scotch & Soda, Copper-Silver and Gin & Tonic, plus bonus sleights. 

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  • Hooked Quarter

    Hooked Quarter

    You can make a coin appear and disappear WITHOUT sleight of hand.  The secret is the coin, it has a hook attached to it.  You can hook the coin on your clothes or other location.  Looks like real magic.  Easy to do.

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  • DVD-Coin Squeeze

    DVD-Coin Squeeze

    Is it possible to make coins pass through a solid wall of brass? Drop the coins in the magic funnel and one by one make them pass through the solid brass wall. Learn More

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  • Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Reversible Close-Up Pad, black on one side and red on the other.

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  • Close Up Pad W/pocket

    Close Up Pad W/pocket

    If you use a Servante, than this is the close-up pad for you! Learn More
  • Locking 61 cent Trick

    Locking 61 cent Trick

    Effect: Four coins are shown totaling .61 two quarters, a penny and a dime. The four coins are placed into the right hand. The left hanf=d brings a playing card out of the pocket and the spectator is instructed to place the card on top of the closed left fist. The right fist containing the four coins is placed on the card and when it is opened, all that remains is a quarter. The left fist is opened and the other three coins are found to have penetrated through the playing card and into th Learn More
  • Johnson Bill Thru Quarter

    Johnson Bill Thru Quarter

    A quarter is shown and then a pencil or rolled up dollar bill is inserted right through the middle of it.  A coin can be displayed both before & after without a hole.  Easy to do.  Can be carried in your pocket.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 81