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  • Book-Street Magic

    Book-Street Magic

    It's magic—close-up, in-your-face magic, as taught by Britain's leading comedy conjurer. Zenon presents all his great tricks and illusions in an accessible jargon-free format that's well illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams. Learn More
  • Bundle-Of Easy Magic

    Bundle-Of Easy Magic

    Some Bundles have a few different items in them, depending on availability of the item. 6 years of age. Learn More
  • Money Bundle

    Bundle - Money

    Awesome Money Bundle deal. This set includes money themed items that you can carry around in your wallet all day!

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  • Close Up Pad W/pocket

    Close Up Pad W/pocket

    If you use a Servante, than this is the close-up pad for you! Learn More
  • Book-Magician's Magic

    Book-Magician's Magic

    Curry incorporated thoroughly engrossing material with a style that was truly elegant. This book by a "magician's magician" discloses the secrets behind a collection of close-up marvels — including the author's "Out of the World," reputed to be the best card trick of the past century.

    Page Count 288

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  • Principles and Deceptions

    Principles and Deceptions

    Originally published in 1948, by one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artist of the 20th century Arthur H. Buckley. This book should be in every magician's library. 

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  • Through the Glass

    Through the Glass

    A large coin is selected and passed through a slot in a beautiful wooden case and completely through a glass inside and out the bottom of the case while the glass is not broken!

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  • Expanded Half Dollar Shell - Johnson

    Expanded Half Dollar Shell - Johnson

    One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins.  Learn More
  • Bob's Box

    Bob's Box

    This is a beautiful piece of magic that is very well made. Have a coin jump from the coin box to pocket, back under the coin box then under a chosen card. A very artfully designed piece of close-up magic. Comes with a special metal coin box and instructional DVD.

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  • Johnson Bill Thru Quarter

    Johnson Bill Thru Quarter

    A quarter is shown and then a pencil or rolled up dollar bill is inserted right through the middle of it.  A coin can be displayed both before & after without a hole.  Easy to do.  Can be carried in your pocket.

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  • Karate Coin

    Karate Coin

    Throw a Half-dollar in the air and when you go to catch it in your hand it appears you THRUST your finger right through the middle of it. There is now a hole in the coin! Fun & easy to do. Learn More
  • Hooked Quarter

    Hooked Quarter

    You can make a coin appear and disappear WITHOUT sleight of hand.  The secret is the coin, it has a hook attached to it.  You can hook the coin on your clothes or other location.  Looks like real magic.  Easy to do.

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25-36 of 109