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  •  6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    These silk scarfs can be used for the CHANGE BAG.  Three are dropped into the bag one-by-one and PRESTO they are removed tied together end-to-end. MATCHING set of SIX.  These can also be used for any effects where you need silk scarfs. (Three Tied & Three Un-Tied.)

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  • Magic-Stage Illusions and Special Effects

    Magic-Stage Illusions and Special Effects

    Learn about stage illusions, special effects and trick photography. Over 400 illustrations. This is one of the classic books which every magician should own.

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  • Book-Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    Book-Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    Edited by the famous magician  Jean Hugard. How to perform 600 card tricks, devised by the world's greatest magicians.  All are EASY to do WITHOUT sleight of hand.  Every magician should own this book.  Highly recommended.

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  • Magic's Most Amazing Stories

    Magic's Most Amazing Stories

    A collection of incredible stories from world famous magicians!  Once you start reading it, you won't put it down.

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  • Magic Signal

    Magic Signal

    The Magic Signal turns RED then back to Green upon your command!

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  • Magic Snapper

    Magic Snapper

    An easy to to magical puzzle trick! Snapper will snap for you, but not for anyone else! Always under your control!

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  • Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Pass a toothpick through a solid piece of brass that is inside of a matchbox! Learn More
  • Mind Control

    Mind Control

    A great packet trick you will NEVER leave home without! Learn More
  • Paper to Money

    Paper to Money

    A popular trick used by both professional and amateur magicians alike. You display five pieces of blank paper and with a flick of your wrist, they change to real paper money!

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  • Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Take a pen and stab it through a bill or anything that is thin. Learn More
  • Hopping Half

    Hopping Half

    A two coin trick that has a twist at the end. Watch as the half hops back from the pocket back to the hand. Learn More
  • DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    Brother John Hamman was one of the greatest inventors of card tricks.  You will learn "Final Aces" considered one of the best card tricks of all time; along with "Micro Macro,"Amorphous Ace" and "Blushing Joker." Highly recommended.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 322