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Close-Up Magic

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  • Bro. Hamman's Lost Works

    Bro. Hamman's Lost Works

    Brother John Hamman's Lost Works do we need to say more!

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  • Coin in Bottle

    Coin in Bottle

    A wildly popular trick! This is a seemingly impromptu miracle.
    ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK! Learn More

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $35.99

  • Paper to Money

    Paper to Money

    A popular trick used by both professional and amateur magicians alike. You display five pieces of blank paper and with a flick of your wrist, they change to real paper money!

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  • Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Take a pen and stab it through a bill or anything that is thin. Learn More
  • Hopping Half

    Hopping Half

    Show two coins, a half dollar and an English penny. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one, show it, place it in your pocket. Open your hand- both coins are still there! Repeat this several times, if you wish. Finally, as a climax, after removing a coin and placing it in your pocket, open your hand- it’s empty! Both coins have vanished. *Can be learned instantly *Trick is Self-Working *No Sleight of Hand *This is not the expanded coin edition. Learn More

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $53.99

  • Three Ace Monte Plus

    Three Ace Monte Plus

    The THREE ACE MONTE is a variation of the old swindle Three Card Monte, except with this you entertain your audience instead of taking their money. Three cards were shown; idea is to keep your eye on the money card which is the Ace. No matter how hard they try it is never where they think it is.

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  • DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    Brother John Hamman was one of the greatest inventors of card tricks.  You will learn "Final Aces" considered one of the best card tricks of all time; along with "Micro Macro,"Amorphous Ace" and "Blushing Joker." Highly recommended.

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  • DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 2

    DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 2

    The late Brother John Hamman was a genius at inventing card magic.  In this DVD set, Allan Ackerman teaches you "Hal-duese-ination,"Wild All The Way,"Four-Tunate Choice," Peripatetic Fours," and "Final Twist."  Great for close-up or table hopping.

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  • Casino Close Up Pad

    Casino Close Up Pad

    FINALLY! A close-up pad that a true pro can be proud of!

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    Regular Price: $44.99

    Special Price $40.49

  • Double sided Quarter Tails

    Double sided Quarter Tails

    Precision cutting slices two genuine quarters in half so two tails are obtained, the two tails are then carefully placed together making a double-sided tailed quarter (AKA Two-Tailed Quarter) Learn More
  • Twisting the Aces

    Twisting the Aces

    Four aces are shown and turned face down. With a twist of the cards in hand, each ace appears to face up while the remaining three are face down. This is repeated one by one with all four aces. Learn More
  • Art of Astonishment Vol 1



    The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection. This three-volume set of books contains all of Paul`s classics, updated; Book One.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

37-48 of 311