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  • Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    A complete course in Magic.   If you want to learn magic this course is for you. This instructional set teaches you how to perform with things you have at home--cards, coins, paper money,  rubber bands, etc.  A step-by-step course that comes complete with instruction book and DVL

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  • Cups and Balls Set

    Cups and Balls Set

    Three cups are magically penetrated by small balls. Show the cups are empty and set them on the table. Then place a ball on top of the middle cup and stack the other two cups on top of the cup with a ball. Tap the cup with your wand. Lift the cups up and the ball magically penetrates through the bottom cup. Repeat again. and then vanish one of the balls and it reappears under the cup with the other two balls. Easy to do magic trick that requires very little skill.  Learn More
  • Spell Binding Boxes

    Spell Binding Boxes

    Vanish a signed coin and have it reappear magically inside a nest of brass boxes. Learn More
  • Mallet Ball & Vase

    Mallet Ball & Vase

    An extremely rare handcrafted piece of magic that is sure to add a touch of class to any collection. Learn More
  • Morrison Pill Box

    Morrison Pill Box

    The very rare and handcrafted out of exotic wood - the Morrison Pill Box. Learn More
  • Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Here are three Poker Deals with which you can make a reputation for yourself as an expert card handler. Learn More
  • Wild Card

    Wild Card

    One by one the wild card changes all the other cards to the wild card! Learn More
  • DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards

    DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards

    The Complete Course in Sleight of Hand With Cards comes to you in this 4 DVD Set! You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a World Class Magician! Learn More
  • Ball & Tube Mystery

    Ball & Tube Mystery

    You show the brass tube and the steel ball. The ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube,, yet somehow you make it pass inside.  Hand it to a spectator and they can not do it.  Can be examined.  Easy to do.  A great puzzle.

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  • Grippo Card Index

    Grippo Card Index

    The secret device used to accomplish card miracles. Charlie Miller & Ron Wilson proudly present their "Card Index" with Geno Munari's adaptation of the Jimmy Grippo Index! This is the killer device that will make you a reputation. Jimmy Grippo guarded this secret until his death! Learn More
  • Magicardo


    A ribbon is threaded through the hole in the deck.  Everything is covered with a scarf, the Magician is able to locate the card! Learn More
  • Money Bundle

    Bundle - Money

    Awesome Money Bundle deal. This set includes money themed items that you can carry around in your wallet all day!

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Set Descending Direction

25-36 of 318