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Close-Up Magic

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  • Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Reversible Close-Up Pad, black on one side and red on the other.

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  • Miracle Chest

    Miracle Chest

    A great mental effect. Discern what is inside the box without opening the box

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  • Close Up Pad Pro

    Close Up Pad Pro

    This close-up mat compresses easily for storage and offers the perfect surface for practice or performance. Learn More
  •  6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    These silk scarfs can be used for the CHANGE BAG.  Three are dropped into the bag one-by-one and PRESTO they are removed tied together end-to-end. MATCHING set of SIX.  These can also be used for any effects where you need silk scarfs. (Three Tied & Three Un-Tied.)

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    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price $16.20

  • Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Pass a toothpick through a solid piece of brass that is inside of a matchbox! Learn More
  • Mind Control

    Mind Control

    A great packet trick you will NEVER leave home without! Learn More
  • Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    A complete course in Magic.   If you want to learn magic this course is for you. This instructional set teaches you how to perform with things you have at home--cards, coins, paper money,  rubber bands, etc.  A step-by-step course that comes complete with instruction book and DVL

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  • Scotch and Soda

    Scotch and Soda

    The greatest and most famous coin trick ever invented!
    You can do many effects with these coins. Ranging from the beginner to the most advanced! Learn More
  • Spell Binding Boxes

    Spell Binding Boxes

    Vanish a signed coin and have it reappear magically inside a nest of brass boxes. Learn More

    Regular Price: $74.99

    Special Price $67.49

  • UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    The UFO
    AKA The Ultra Floating object
    The card floats from hand to hand. And then all the way around your body. Borrow an object from the spectators and float it out of their hands. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $17.99

  • Spirit Lights

    Spirit Lights- One Size

    New and Improved!

    A red spirit light appears, disappears, and changes places by magic.

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    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $26.99

  • Close Up Pad

    Close Up Pad-Mini

    This is a great little close-up pad for if you do table hopping

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    Regular Price: $8.99

    Special Price $8.09

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

13-24 of 311