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  • Houdini 101 Trick Magic Set

    Houdini 101 Trick Magic Set

    This is a fantastic magic set for anyone looking to get started in magic. It teaches you a wide range of things using props as well as sleight of hand.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $34.99

  • Great Bundle Deal

    Great Bundle Deal

    Choose 1 item from each of our 5 top selling groups and save up to $30 here instead of buying each item separately, Learn More

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    Give the wonderful gift of Magic!
    Order a Virtual Gift Card of $25, $50, or $100
    Don't know what to get that special magician in your life. Give them the option of a gift card to purchase any item on our website. Never worry if they already have that magic trick again
    Now Available!!! Learn More

    From $25.00 Price as calculated $25.00

  • Expert at the Card Table

    Expert at the Card Table DVD set

    Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge

    The Holy Grail of Card Magic!
    This ten DVD set teaches you everything from the classic book EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE by the mysterious S.W. Erdnase. Every aspect of the book is taught by ALLAN ACKERMAN one of the top card magicians and teachers in the world. Learn More

  • Change Bag

    Change Bag

    A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing and restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, and more! One hand operation. Wood and cloth construction. Silks not included. Learn More

    Regular Price: $34.99

    Special Price $22.99

  • Magic Wand Set with Book

    Magic Wand Set with Book

    You receive with this publication a pocket-sized seven-inch magic wand to perform the twenty-four wonderful effects!

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $7.99

    Special Price $3.99

  • Bundle-Card Tricks

    Bundle-Card Tricks

    This bundle has four of our most popular packet card tricks, Wild Card, Two-card Monte, Las Vegas Color Monte, Flipped Marked and Mirrored, and the book Card Control by Arthur Buckley

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $34.99

  • Bundle-Card Deck

    Bundle-Card Deck

    If you do card magic or want to get started with cards, THIS is the bundle for you!
    includes our top three trick decks, a book or regular card magic, a standard deck, and a close-up pad to do your card magic on.

    Learn More
  • Magic Wand

    Magic Wand

    TRADITIONAL MAGIC WAND DESIGN - A simple black and white Learn More
  • Coin in Bottle

    Coin in Bottle

    Back by Popular Demand! This is a wildly, awesome, seemingly impromptu miracle. Made here at Houdini's, in fabulous Las Vegas, NV Learn More
  • Scotch and Soda

    Scotch and Soda

    The greatest and most famous coin trick ever invented!
    You can do many effects with these coins. Ranging from the beginner to the most advanced! Learn More
  • UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    The UFO
    AKA The Ultra Floating object
    The card floats from hand to hand. And then all the way around your body. Borrow an object from the spectators and float it out of their hands. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $13.99

  • Spirit Lights

    Spirit Lights- One Size

    New and Improved!

    A red spirit light appears, disappears, and changes places by magic.

    Learn More
  • How Gamblers Win - Eddie Joseph  (download only)

    How Gamblers Win - Eddie Joseph (download only)

    If you want to do a gambling act, this is for you. Included are gambling type effects that can be performed either individually or as a routine. Learn More
  • Think A Card - John Scarne  Download

    Think A Card - John Scarne Download

    John Scarne has given away a subtle sleight woven into a brilliant effect. Learn More
  • The Wall

    The Wall

    A truly beautiful piece of magic, that will elevate your show immediately! Learn More
  • Lethal Quarter


    The World's Fastest Trick (Replacing Lethal Magic With Lethal Quarter) A wallet is shown containing one playing card and two coins. The spectator is asked to pick a coin (example silver coin is chosen) leaving the brass coin in the closed wallet. The silver coin is placed on the top of the spectator's hand. The performer flicks the playing card over the silver coin and in an instant, the brass coin is on their hand. Inside the wallet is the silver coin! Learn More
  • Secret Cups

    Secret Cups

    Know where they hide the pawn every time. Learn More
  • Glasgow Connection

    Glasgow Connection

    This DVD features nine powerful routines from Eddie McColl Learn More
  • Eddie McColl Lecture 2019 Notes

    Eddie McColl Lecture 2019 Notes

    This DVD contains Eddie's entire 2019 lecture including performances and detailed explanations of both moves and effects. Learn More
  • Gordon Bruce Lecture Notes

    Gordon Bruce Lecture Notes

    Gordon Bruce compiled this collection of notes for the Buffalo 52 convention in 2015. Learn More
  • Pencil Thru Glass

    Pencil Thru Glass

    Puch a pencil through a card and "glass". when the pencil is removed the glass is unharmed. Learn More
  • Python Pen

    Python Pen

    Amaze and stun with the latest in coin bending effects! Learn More
  • Ten Card Deal Dossier Addendum

    Ten Card DVD with Addendum Booklet Bob Farmer-Bammo

    The best Ten Card Poker Deal routines in the world. Learn More
  • Ten Card Dossier Softbound with  DVD and Addendum Booklet - Bob Farmer  Bammo

    Ten Card Dossier Softbound with DVD and Addendum Booklet - Bob Farmer Bammo

    The best Ten Card Poker Deal routines in the world. Learn More
  • Bundle - Kids Magic

    Bundle - Kids Magic

    This great magic bundle comes with a variety of magic tricks put together, for maximum fun, and simple enough for a young aspiring magician! Exciting trick variations, all designed for ages six and up! Learn More

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $25.99

  • Bundle-Of Easy Magic

    Bundle-Of Easy Magic

    Some Bundles have a few different items in them, depending on availability of the item. 6 years of age. Learn More
  • Atomic Bolt

    Atomic Bolt

    A mystifying, mind-boggling magic effect.
    Involving just a simple brass nut is screwed onto a bolt. Learn More
  • Self Working Coin Magic

    Self Working Coin Magic

    Money and magic — a combination that never fails to attract attention! With this helpful and revealing book, even novices can astound friends and relatives with mystifying magical feats requiring little more than common coins and paper currency. Learn More
  • Self Working Paper Magic

    Self Working Paper Magic

    Easy-to-perform paper miracles: make a piece of newspaper disappear, link paper rings magically, tricks with dollar bills, tricks with paper bags, animated paper folds, make "living" paper dolls, mind-reading tricks with file cards, much more. Essential tricks for amateur and professional alike.

    Learn More
  • Packet Card Tricks

    Packet Card Tricks

    Performance and instructional DVD. Includes four tricks and everything you need to perform them! Mumble Jumble, Wild Card, Two Card Monte, and Twisting the Aces Learn More
  • Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    A complete course in Magic.   If you want to learn magic this course is for you. This instructional set teaches you how to perform with things you have at home--cards, coins, paper money,  rubber bands, etc.  A step-by-step course that comes complete with instruction book and DVL

    Learn More
  • Cups and Balls Set

    Cups and Balls Set

    Three cups are magically penetrated by small balls. Show the cups are empty and set them on the table. Then place a ball on top of the middle cup and stack the other two cups on top of the cup with a ball. Tap the cup with your wand. Lift the cups up and the ball magically penetrates through the bottom cup. Repeat again. and then vanish one of the balls and it reappears under the cup with the other two balls. Easy to do magic trick that requires very little skill.  Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

  • Spell Binding Boxes

    Spell Binding Boxes

    Vanish a signed coin and have it reappear magically inside a nest of brass boxes. Learn More
  • Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Here are three Poker Deals with which you can make a reputation for yourself as an expert card handler. Learn More
  • Wild Card

    Wild Card

    One by one the wild card changes all the other cards to the wild card! Learn More
  • DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards

    DVD-Sleight Of Hand With Cards

    The Complete Course in Sleight of Hand With Cards comes to you in this 4 DVD Set! You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and routines to become a World Class Magician! Learn More
  • Ball & Tube Mystery

    Ball & Tube Mystery

    You show the brass tube and the steel ball. The ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube,, yet somehow you make it pass inside.  Hand it to a spectator and they can not do it.  Can be examined.  Easy to do.  A great puzzle.

    Learn More
  • Grippo Card Index

    Grippo Card Index

    The secret device used to accomplish card miracles. Charlie Miller & Ron Wilson proudly present their "Card Index" with Geno Munari's adaptation of the Jimmy Grippo Index! This is the killer device that will make you a reputation. Jimmy Grippo guarded this secret until his death! Learn More
  • Magicardo


    A ribbon is threaded through the hole in the deck.  Everything is covered with a scarf, the Magician is able to locate the card! Learn More
  • Money Bundle

    Bundle - Money

    Awesome Money Bundle deal. This set includes money themed items that you can carry around in your wallet all day!

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $39.00

  • Gambler's Prediction

    Bundle-Gambler's Prediction

    If you like to gamble, or you want to learn how this is the bundle for you! Learn More
  • Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Close Up Pad-Red/Black

    Reversible Close-Up Pad, black on one side and red on the other.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $19.99

  • Miracle Chest

    Miracle Chest

    A great mental effect. Discern what is inside the box without opening the box

    Learn More
  • Visible Card Change

    Visible Card Change

    A Visible card change effect. Anytime when spectators see this trick, they would say the same word: WOW!!

    Learn More
  • Close Up Pad Pro

    Close Up Pad Pro

    This close-up mat compresses easily for storage and offers the perfect surface for practice or performance. Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $19.99

  • Magic Science

    Magic Science

    Is it magic? No, it's science! There's a lot more to magic than waving a wand. From chemistry to biology, gravity to electricity, discover the magical powers of science with this fun- filled easy to perform activities!

    Learn More
  • The Second Deal and False Riffle Shuffle

    The Second Deal and False Riffle Shuffle

    Watch former Casino Owner and Magician, Geno Munari, as he shows the Second Deal and False Riffle Shuffle. Learn what cards are best and how to properly position your hands for these moves that are important in any card mechanic's repertoire.

    Learn More
  •  6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    6 9" Silks ( Change Bag)

    These silk scarfs can be used for the CHANGE BAG.  Three are dropped into the bag one-by-one and PRESTO they are removed tied together end-to-end. MATCHING set of SIX.  These can also be used for any effects where you need silk scarfs. (Three Tied & Three Un-Tied.)

    Learn More
  • Magic-Stage Illusions and Special Effects

    Magic-Stage Illusions and Special Effects

    Learn about stage illusions, special effects and trick photography. Over 400 illustrations. This is one of the classic books which every magician should own.

    Learn More
  • Book-Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    Book-Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    Edited by the famous magician  Jean Hugard. How to perform 600 card tricks, devised by the world's greatest magicians.  All are EASY to do WITHOUT sleight of hand.  Every magician should own this book.  Highly recommended.

    Learn More
  • Magic's Most Amazing Stories

    Magic's Most Amazing Stories

    A collection of incredible stories from world famous magicians!  Once you start reading it, you won't put it down.

    Learn More
  • Magic Signal

    Magic Signal

    The Magic Signal turns RED then back to Green upon your command!

    Learn More
  • Magic Snapper

    Magic Snapper

    An easy to to magical puzzle trick! Snapper will snap for you, but not for anyone else! Always under your control!

    Learn More
  • Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Matchbook Penetration-Brass

    Pass a toothpick through a solid piece of brass that is inside of a matchbox! Learn More
  • Mind Control

    Mind Control

    A great packet trick you will NEVER leave home without! Learn More
  • Paper to Money

    Paper to Money

    A popular trick used by both professional and amateur magicians alike. You display five pieces of blank paper and with a flick of your wrist, they change to real paper money!

    Learn More
  • Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Pen Thru (Through) Bill

    Take a pen and stab it through a bill or anything that is thin. Learn More
  • Hopping Half

    Hopping Half

    A two coin trick that has a twist at the end. Watch as the half hops back from the pocket back to the hand. Learn More
  • DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

    Brother John Hamman was one of the greatest inventors of card tricks.  You will learn "Final Aces" considered one of the best card tricks of all time; along with "Micro Macro,"Amorphous Ace" and "Blushing Joker." Highly recommended.

    Learn More
  • Close Up Pad

    Close Up Pad-Mini

    This is a great little close-up pad for if you do table hopping

    Learn More


    Use your mind to make metal bending is so shocking it? It is absolutely unique metal bending magic, now almost cannot find any more than it is a simpler, more intuitive, more lethal magic spoon bending it. Learn More
  • Double sided Quarter Tails

    Double sided Quarter Tails

    Precision cutting slices two genuine quarters in half so two tails are obtained, the two tails are then carefully placed together making a double-sided tailed quarter (AKA Two-Tailed Quarter) Learn More
  • Copper Silver Coin Set

    Copper Silver Coin Set

    With the uses of these two coins, the performer can simply turn over the special coin causing the two coins to change places or multiply. Learn More
  • Twisting the Aces

    Twisting the Aces

    Four aces are shown and turned face down. With a twist of the cards in hand, each ace appears to face up while the remaining three are face down. This is repeated one by one with all four aces. Learn More
  • Torn & Restored Bill (Jimmy Grippo)

    Torn & Restored Bill (Jimmy Grippo)

    Using any paper currency you can tear a piece off and magically restore the bill. Learn More
  • Expanded Shell $.25 Tail Johnson

    Expanded Shell $.25 Tail Johnson

    One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins. Our shells have passed through many stages of development, each one better than the last. Learn More
  • Expanded shell $.25

    Expanded shell $.25

    One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins. Our shells have passed through many stages of development, each one better than the last. Learn More
  • 25 Tricks with a Card Box

    25 Tricks with a Card Box

    You have a spectator select a card, place it in the box and PRESTO the card disappears! There are 25 amazing things you can do with the CARD BOX, including a special section on Forcing! Learn More
  • Floating Bill

    Floating Bill

    Fun and easy to do! The bill magically floats above your hand!

    Learn More
  • Wild All the Way

    Wild All the Way

    This actually three different effects brilliantly routined, Ace-sational, Fantabulous, and Wild Card. This is a stunning addition to any card repertoire. 

    Learn More
  • Dean's Box

    Dean's Box

    A beautiful piece of close-up magic where two ropes are passed through the box separately and come out the top linked all the while the ends of the ropes are in view of the spectator.  Other baffling mysteries can be performed with this beautiful box. Learn More
  • One for the Ladies

    One for the Ladies

    A card effect for the ladies of the audience. Learn More
  • Multiplying Golf Balls

    Multiplying Golf Balls

    Start with one yellow golf ball then make it appear and disappear at your fingertips--then multiply into four!

    Learn More
  • The Magic Spell

    The Magic Spell

    A spectator names any card.  The magician skillfully gives the deck a single cut and then spells out the card - one card for each letter. On the last letter, the card is turned over and is found to be the selected card!

    Learn More
  • Polaroid Money Outdone

    Polaroid Money Outdone

    A bill effect to outdo all other bill change effects on the market. Learn More
  • Flower Box

    Flower Box

    The magician shows an empty bag to the audience, takes out a transparent and beautiful red flower box from the paper bag. Re-shows the empty paper bag, and gradually takes out a yellow flower box and blue box. A very simple and easy trick for young magicians! Learn More
  • Tricky Top Hat

    Tricky Top Hat

    A top hat is shown to be empty, then items magically appear! Produce any item that fits in the secret compartment! You can even pull a small rabbit out of the hat. Perform this great magic trick close up, surrounded, or even on stage! Learn More

  • Vanishing Hanky Reg

    Vanishing Hanky Reg

    101 tricks you can do with this vanishing device. Featuring tricks of the greatest magicians around! DVL included

    Learn More
  • Mumble Jumbo

    Mumble Jumble

    Ten cards ranging from ace to 10 are fanned out. The alternate cards are removed and placed on top of the packet. When cards are fanned face up again they are seen to be back in their original order! Comes with an instructional DVD and necessary cards. Learn More
  • Houdini Escape Set

    Houdini Escape Set

    A great set for the ESCAPE ARTIST.  Perfect for the Houdini Collector or Escape Enthusiast!

    Learn More
  • Grippo Card or Ring in Sealed Envelope

    Grippo Card or Ring in Sealed Envelope

    A card is selected by a spectator, vanishes and appears in a sealed envelope which they open.  You can also make a finger ring vanish and appear in a sealed envelope.   Easy to do, can be repeated.   A Miracle Effect!   As performed on the Johnny Carson Show by JIMMY GRIPPO. Learn More

  • Book-Easy Magic

    Book-Easy Magic

    In Easy Magic, master magician Karl Fulves presents a choice collection of 63 magic tricks that are as mystifying to audiences as they are simple for you to learn and perform. You'll learn about card tricks, "out of sight" magical mysteries, mental and paper magic, novelty tricks, mind-reading stunts, and more. Learn More
  • Book-Sleight Of Hand

    Book-Sleight Of Hand

    Covers every significant aspect — from palming to clairvoyance, vanishing and producing an object, using essential apparatus, etc. Explains hundreds of astonishing tricks — with coins, cups, and balls, handkerchiefs, cards, more. A book with an excellent reputation among professional magicians for teaching techniques. 57 illustrations.

    Learn More
  • Coin Thru Glass

    Coin Thru Glass

     The magician makes a coin pass thru a glass.  Everything can be examined.  - Easy to learn and master. - Comes with step-by-step guide  - Best for close up or street magic performances - Great party gift idea

    Learn More
  • Book-Magician's Magic

    Book-Magician's Magic

    Curry incorporated thoroughly engrossing material with a style that was truly elegant. This book by a "magician's magician" discloses the secrets behind a collection of close-up marvels — including the author's "Out of the World," reputed to be the best card trick of the past century.

    Page Count 288

    Learn More
  • Card to Box

    Card to Box

    A small box is shown empty.  Spectator selects a card and it appears folded inside the box!  Easy to do.

    Learn More
  • Haunted Key

    Haunted Key

    The magician explains that he has an old key from a haunted house.  He lays it on his open hand and the key moves by itself in a mysterious manner.  There are three different effects that can be presented with this.  Fun & easy to do.  Spooky.

    Learn More
  • Collector's Money Maker

    Collector's Money Maker

    A one dollar bill is placed into the tray. The blotter is then rolled over the bill, changing it into a $100 bill. Bills/Money not included.

    Learn More
  • Tranformation Tube Brass

    Tranformation Tube Brass

    With this container, you can change one object to another.  Put in a red silk scarf and change it to red liquid.   Even put a stack of quarters inside then pull out a five dollar bill! Transforms anything you can fit inside! •3 inches Tall 2 inches Wide SOLID BRASS! Looks great & easy to do.

    Learn More
  • Phantom/Spirit Nut

    Phantom/Spirit Nut

    You make a nut impossibly come off from a string being held by the spectator! Learn More
  • Steel ball  thru glass

    Steel ball thru glass

    You now hold the box up to the spectator's eye level and as you gently shake the box, the steel ball is seen to penetrate the glass and fall through the box and onto the floor or the spectator's cupped hands! Beautifully hand made a walnut box with inlay. Box, steel ball and glass can be completely examined before and after. Learn More
  • DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    Excited to present The Ultimate Sphinx!
    2 disc set 1902- 1953 52 Volumes.
    Captured on DVD in color.

    Learn More
  • Zig Zag Rope

    Zig Zag Rope

    A rope is placed into a plastic holder. Visibly the holder has slid apart and the rope is seen to be separated in half. The rope is slid back together and pulled out of the holder to show that it is back as one piece again. Learn More
  • Expanded Half Dollar Shell - Johnson

    Expanded Half Dollar Shell - Johnson

    One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins.  Learn More
  • Bob's Box

    Bob's Box

    This is a beautiful piece of magic that is very well made. Have a coin jump from the coin box to pocket, back under the coin box then under a chosen card. A very artfully designed piece of close-up magic. Comes with a special metal coin box and instructional DVD.

    Learn More
  • Double Deception Deluxe

    Double Deception Deluxe

    You asked for it! WE LISTENED! J B magic has taken Bob Swadling's original, classic effect Double Deception and made it UNBREAKABLE. That's correct! We said UNBREAKABLE. Learn More
  • Brass Hot Rod

    Brass Hot Rod

    The spectator names a number between 1 and 6. Count to the color red. Give a quick shake and all the dots become red! Another shake and all the dots change back to how you started! Learn More
  • Quarter Penetration

    Quarter Penetration

    The visible penetration of one solid through another. The magician places a quarter on the lid of the box pictured above. Covering the coin with a playing card, the magician taps the lid of the box. Learn More
  • Karate Coin

    Karate Coin

    Throw a Half-dollar in the air and when you go to catch it in your hand it appears you THRUST your finger right through the middle of it. There is now a hole in the coin! Fun & easy to do. Learn More

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