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Card to Box


The Card to Box is an impressive magic effect that amazes audiences everywhere. A great close-up effect that works as a great ending to any signed card routine. 

Effect: A wood box is shown empty. A card is selected by a spectator, signed and returned to the deck. The magician shuffles the deck and claims he can now find the chosen card. However, to make it more challenging the deck will be placed behind his back. Placing the deck behind him the magician begins searching for the card. After a few seconds, the deck is returned to the front and face up, the signed, selected card is not on top... in fact, the card is nowhere to be found! The deck is placed on the table and the previous empty, wooden box is picked up. The magician opens the box and inside is seen a folded card. The box is turned over allowing the card to fall out on to the table. The spectator picks up, unfolds the card and is surprised to find their signed card. 


Easy to do.

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Additional Information

Name Card to Box
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