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  • Do You Want to Learn Magic?

    Do You Want to Learn Magic?

    The 12 Best Tricks In Magic Are On This DVD! Plus, learn how to perform the Self-Levitation Illusion. Rob Stiff will share with you the best of the best in magic tricks. Start by learning a card trick that leaves their jaws dropping. Then, see how easy it is to make a coin vanish and reappear! From cards, coins, rubber bands and ropes to tricks with ordinary books, you will get it all! 

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  • Thought Transmitter

    Thought Transmitter

    The standard Thought Transmitter wallet for all your everyday needs! Learn More
  • Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    A complete course in Magic.   If you want to learn magic this course is for you. This instructional set teaches you how to perform with things you have at home--cards, coins, paper money,  rubber bands, etc.  A step-by-step course that comes complete with instruction book and DVL

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  • Las Vegas Color Monte

    Las Vegas Color Monte

    One of the most popular and highly sought after packet card tricks in the
    WORLD!! Learn More
  • Ultra Mental Deck (Invisible Deck)

    Ultra Mental Deck (Invisible Deck)

    One of the most amazing decks of cards you will ever use! Learn More
  • Two Card Monte

    Two Card Monte

    Based on the old gambling swindle. You cannot lose with this trick. Even though two cards are used, the spectator will never guess correctly which card is in your hand and which one is behind your back Learn More
  • Book-Royal Road to Card Magic

    Book-Royal Road to Card Magic

    The Royal Road to Card Magic by, Jean Hugard & Fredrick Braue This is known to be the best book for any beginner to learn card magic.

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  • Royal Road to Card Magic- DVD Set

    Royal Road to Card Magic- DVD Set

    The Royal Road to Card Magic is THE classic card magic course! Learn More
  • Locked Deck

    Locked Deck

    With the Locked Deck, you can have the spectator's chosen card escape from the locked deck and appear where ever you like. Learn More
  • UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

    The UFO
    AKA The Ultra Floating object
    The card floats from hand to hand. And then all the way around your body. Borrow an object from the spectators and float it out of their hands. Learn More
  • Book-Basic Card Technique

    Book-Basic Card Technique

    Subtitled "Card Magic for Everyone" this oversized, soft covered book really lives up to that name. This book is perfect for the beginner and a great supplement to any magician's library. 

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  • A Book of Magic for a Young Magician

    A Book of Magic for a Young Magician

    "People have always been fascinated by magic," says author, teacher, and magician Allan Kronzek. Learn More

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49-60 of 171