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  • Ever Lock Box

    Ever Lock Box

    The magician opens the box and puts any borrowed item inside and closes the box. The box is then handed over to the spectator to retrieve his borrowed item. To his surprise, the spectator cannot open the box. A great conversation piece Learn More

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  • Popular Card Tricks

    Popular Card Tricks

    Tricks with cards constitute one of the principal forms of impromptu entertainment. Nearly everyone plays cards: and anyone who enjoys cards will enjoy a good card trick.

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  • Card On Ceiling

    Card On Ceiling

    One card trick that will leave them speechless and with a cool souvenir! Learn More

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  • Port Hole

    Port Hole

    Perform Vanishes, appearances, and color changes with this one killer (secret) gimmick. Comes complete with custom built gimmick and instructional DVD for 3 knockout routines.

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  • Tetra Deck

    Tetra Deck

    Tetra Deck Bicycle - 4 Way Fanning Deck

    The most popular fanning deck in the world is back in stock! Made in Bicycle, this 4-color panel back deck allows for beautiful fanning patterns at the same time can be used as a regular deck. The Tetra Deck also contains several gaffed cards making your experience even more magical. 
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  • Visible Card Change

    Visible Card Change

    A Visible card change effect. Anytime when spectators see this trick, they would say the same word: WOW!!

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  • Close Up Pad Pro

    Close Up Pad Pro

    This close-up mat compresses easily for storage and offers the perfect surface for practice or performance. Learn More
  • DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    Excited to present The Ultimate Sphinx!
    2 disc set 1902- 1953 52 Volumes.
    Captured on DVD in color.

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  • "...and a Pack of Cards"

    "...and a Pack of Cards"

    One of the finest books ever produced for the sleight of hand artist with cards. The material in this book is not self-working but for the serious card worker, it is invaluable. This 93-page book is divided into 3 sections and there are 77 sleights and tricks. Learn More
  • Bob's Box

    Bob's Box

    This is a beautiful piece of magic that is very well made. Have a coin jump from the coin box to pocket, back under the coin box then under a chosen card. A very artfully designed piece of close-up magic. Comes with a special metal coin box and instructional DVD.

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  • Matchbox


    Pull a card right out of a drawing of a matchbox! Learn More

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  • Houdini Card Escape

    Houdini Card Escape

    A packet card trick that is easy to perform. A selected card "escapes" while the other cards are still on a string that is held by the spectator

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Set Descending Direction

37-48 of 173