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Bundle-Card bundle

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Wonder Deck: A mind reading effect you can do with the Wonder Deck: A perfect forcing pack yet the cards are shown to be all different. A full pack of cards is first introduced and shown to consist of all different cards. A spectator is allowed to remove a card from a portion of the deck without their choice being influenced. The magician does not see or touch the card, yet automatically knows what card is selected!


Locked Deck: A card is selected by a spectator and the spectator holds and locks the deck with a ring, never letting the cards out of his hands. A magic pass is given by the magician, and the spectator fans through the cards face up, card by card. The card has vanished! It can be found in the card case that was in full view or other location.


Gambler's Deck: The Gambler & Marked Deck & trade is a stripper deck, a stacked or prearranged setup deck, a marked deck, a one-way deck with a bicycle back. Each deck comes in the stacked order and has eight main features, The cards are stripped, stacked, a box reminder, a joker reminder, a bar code prediction, marked six ways, instructional card for the marking system and a card locator table. Following the basic features there is a glossary and explanation of card handling terms and how to do them, and then specially selected card effects using the various principals. Look like a card sharp in minutes.  Pull out the four aces after the deck has been shuffled. There are hundreds of effects possible and easy to do! Bicycle Deck Standard Poker size


Bicycle Playing Cards

Red and Blue-backed cards


Book-Easy Card Magic: By Geno Munari. This book has 26 of the very best card tricks you can do with any deck WITHOUT sleight of hand. Easy to do!


Close Up Pad: This close-up mat compresses easily for storage and offers the perfect surface for practice or performance. Whether you are doing card tricks, cup, and balls, coin tricks, or any other kind of magic, this pad will provide a stage for your performance. The pad literally makes your performance easier by allowing your moves to travel easily over a smooth surface. A performance pad is a must for any magician.

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Name Bundle-Card bundle
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