Special Card Book Sale Bundle

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Special Card Book Sale Bundle


This pack is a great bundle of small books by various magicians. Mostly card tricks, however, there are a few books with stage magic tricks and close-up magic tricks.
  • Book-Easy Card Magic - By Geno Munari. This book has 26 of the very best card tricks you can do with any deck WITHOUT sleight of hand.
  • Book-And A Pack Of Cards - One of the finest books ever produced for the sleight of hand artist with cards. The material in this book is not self-working but for the serious card worker, it is invaluable. This 93-page book is divided into 3 sections and there are 77 sleights and tricks
  • Book-After The Dessert - There are only tricks which make use of object found at any dinner table. All are performed while seated, with spectators on both right and left.
  • Book-Between Two Minds- The most sensational book in years. It's the greatest book for the mentalist-magician to see printed in over a quarter of a century.
  • Book- 64 Winning Betcha's- Many people like to gamble. Once you learn some of the " Betcha" in this book, you'll help satisfy this inclination while at the same time showing what a fun and clever person you are.
  • Book-Card Mania- A collection of sleights using un-gaffed cards!
  • Book-The Card Magic Of Bro. John- This book contains some of Brother John Hamman's most outstanding tricks!
  • Book-Al Baker's- Book One - Al Baker's Book on magic contains his classics from 1933: The Pack That Cuts Itself, Self Unknotting Handkerchief, The Matchmakers, The Finger Points, Fell My Pulse, A Card and a Number, Al Baker's Rising Cards, The Impossible Card Discovery, The One Man Lights Up Seance, Al Baker's Addition Trick, Another Rope Is Cut, Al Baker's Biller Mystery, Al Baker's Pet Hat Trick, The Al Baker Wrist Tie, Cards of Thought, Say When
  • Book-Select Secrets- This is an assortment of magic effects the Dai Vernon thought would be great for any magician who needs an easy effect that impressive and easy to perform.
  • Trick Deck Of Cards- The secret deck of magicians and card sharks! These cards are marked and stripped. This allows you to know what a person's card is before the spectator. Find the selected card instantly! Pull all four aces from the deck! There are hundreds of tricks possible with this deck!
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Name Special Card Book Sale Bundle
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