Book-Voodoo You Love Kit

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Book-Voodoo You Love Kit


There's help for what ails you and it's called Voodoo. This age-old ritual offers a hands-on strategy for making relationships torrid rather than horrid. Who says playing with dolls is only for kids? Whether you’re looking for a date, trying to improve your mate, or expressing your hate, voodoo dolls offer psychic protection for the heart—and that’s the special magic of this book and kit. It's got everything you need to work that hocus-pocus: a two-sided doll (one male, one female); eight pins; and a wittily written guide that explains exactly how to target potential love connections, get along with the one you’ve got, or stick it to your ex. You’ll even learn ways to set the mood and enhance your mojo—including music suggestions from Sinatra to Santana. 

So don’t put the power in the fickle hands of fate; grab that talisman and get started!

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Additional Information

Name Book-Voodoo You Love Kit
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