Book-The Himber Wallet

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Book-The Himber Wallet


There are many - well a lot of -- Standards in magic. There's the double lift, the thumb tip, vanishing and appearing canes, the break, milk pitcher, linking rings, cut and restored rope, cups and balls, Han Ping Chien, and more of course. These have been standards for many, many, years. The most recent standard, without question, The Himber Wallet. 

If you already own a Himber Wallet or intend to ever own one, you simply cannot do without this book. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Himber Wallet—its handling, its uniqueness, its capabilities, its possibilities, and impossibilities.

Date: 1998
Pages: 227
Layout: 6"x9", hardbound


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Additional Information

Name Book-The Himber Wallet
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