Book- L.I.N.T. Pocket Stuff For Close-Up

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Book- L.I.N.T. Pocket Stuff For Close-Up


L.I.N.T (Luka In New Tops) introduces the magic world to John Luka's mission to champion the needs of hobbyists and part-time magicians!

This effort was kicked off in his "Thoughts On..." column which ran in The New Tops magazine between October 1993 and December 1994.

John's column was for4 the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences, and few shows. He knew that most "magic shows" are informal, sometimes spontaneous events, typically being a performance of a few tricks at a party or social or business get-together. So he chose material for the ninety-plus percent of magicians who are not professionals!

Just as the articles began to attract hundreds of fans, Abbott's stopped publishing the New Tops. But, word got around about the quality of the material he was sharing, back issues sold out, and an underground distribution of photocopies began to grow. 

Now you can have all fourteen hard to get Luka-In-New-Tops articles plus eight more planned for publication but never released.

In addition to many pet ideas, John has developed over the years, L.I.N.T. contains carefully selected material solicited from:

Michael Ammar
Ron Baur
Paul Chosse
Eric DeCamps
BIll Kalush
Milt Kort
Jack McMillan
Charlie Miller
... and others

John calls it "a remarkable collection from a remarkable bunch!"



1 From the Pages of the New Tops
1 The Lie Detector (Ron Bauer): Here's one reason he's the underground legend, the original and unsurpassed method and presentation of that have become a classic of card magic. (And it's not about computerizing a deck!)
9 The Homing Card (John Luka): Brother John Hamman's packet version of this old standard trick was good, but too long, until now. 
14 Diagonal Palm Shift (Paul Chosse): Although "The Pump" was a dandy dry, here's how a master card technician debugged the Erdnase classic method.
20 Key to the Draw (Jack Mcmillen & Charlie Miller): Clarification and presentation of one of the first collaborations between these lifelong friends.
27 Okito Less Box Routine (Milt Kort): The man who invented the combo box routines comes up with a way to do the Okito Box WITHOUT the box!
32 The Turnover Pass (John Luka): Some important techniques and finesses for making this difficult maneuver more deceptive.
40 Very Strange Exchange Part II (Eric DeCamps): This is a novel idea transformed into a knockout transposition of a card and a coin. (Includes a new card bottom palm and coin vanish)
44 The card in Match Book (Michael Ammar): Every book on magic should include one of these "Impossible Locations", so here's one for this book.
51 Mental Prediction (Chris Carter): Some invaluable lessons in mentalism for magicians including some basics of "pumping" for the names of mentally selected cards.
57 The Fidgeting Card (Bill Klaush): A knuckle busting challenge for any self-styled finger-flinger, and quite a clever set of ideas, too!
65 The Magic Coin (Ron Bauer): A hilarious and surprising bit of visual funny stuff for the close-up magician or the tablehopper.
70 Wide Open Prediction (John Morgan): A cleverly worked out the impromptu version of Paul Curry's popular effect. PLUS MUCH MORE.

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Name Book- L.I.N.T. Pocket Stuff For Close-Up
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