Book-Magic History Of Rituals

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Book-Magic History Of Rituals


"The most arresting, entertaining, and brilliant of all studies on the subject." — Arthur Edward Waite

A great work of literature as well as a pioneering classic of occultism, this voluminous historical survey traces the roots and manifestations of magic through the ages as a secret tradition persisting from remote times. AUthor Eliphas Levi, pseudonym of Alphonse Louis Constant and Mangus who is today considered by some to be a founding father of the New Age Movement. One of his most stunning (and original) revelations connects the Kabbalah with the Tarot, thus helping to inspire the ongoing fascination with the symbols of both, and the correspondences with each other. In this 1860 work, Levi's discussions include topics that continue to intrigue modern readers, subjects as seemingly disparate as the mathematical magic Pythagoras, magical monuments, magic and Christianity, the devil, the Knights Templar, alchemy, the Illuminati, Hallucinations and many others that are equally alluring. 

The first part of the book explains the principles underlying Magical operations, while the second part addresses the actual ritual and practice of transcendent magic. An Essential resource for the library of anyone interested in mysticism and the occult sciences, this influential work appears here in its first English translation )from original French) by the distinguished scholar and co-creator of the Rider-Waite Deck, A.E. Waite. 

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Name Book-Magic History Of Rituals
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