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Book-Easy Magic


In Easy Magic, master magician Karl Fulves presents a choice collection of 63 magic tricks that are as mystifying to audiences as they are simple for you to learn and perform. You'll learn about card tricks, "out of sight" magical mysteries, mental and paper magic, novelty tricks, mind-reading stunts, and more. These tricks will entertain any audience and you won't need expensive props. Most routines require no more than everyday objects like playing cards, coins, rope, or string.
With just a deck of playing cards and the step-by-step guidance on these pages, you can show off your seemingly uncanny ability to read minds. With a pocket calculator as your only prop, you can demonstrate what appear to be your rare powers of extrasensory perception. Or, when you request a quarter and a dollar from a member of your audience, you'll be able to name the date of the coin and the serial number on the bill — without looking at either!
These and many other dazzling deceptions will be at your command when you follow the simple instructions and helpful diagrams in this book. Practice the tricks, learn to present them confidently, and presto! In moments you can make real magic!

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Name Book-Easy Magic
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