Book-Complete Cups & Balls by Michael Ammar

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Book-Complete Cups & Balls by Michael Ammar


Over 15 years in the planning...over 3 years in the making! This long Out-of-Print book has become an international classic. Over 750 photographs! Text highlighted in color to show you exactly what the key points are plus 18 essays written by some of the world's most respected magicians divulging their secrets and insights into this timeless piece of legerdemain! There has never been a more complete or more effective way to discover the fascinating secrets of this enduring classic.

Excellent coverage of the cups & balls in this finely produced, glossy page book from L&L Publishers. The word "Complete" in the title is not because this book is a full encyclopedia of every Cups & Balls move ever created. Rather, it is complete in that it provides all the essentials for learning the Cups and Balls, including sleights, wand spins, Williamson's striking vanish, and another look at Dai Vernon's Cups and Balls routine, among others. It also dissects the Cups and Balls and covers the many variations on the beginning, middle, and ending sections of the effect.

To maximize results, Michael Ammar separated all the fundamental information into an appropriate series of layers. Each layer is then revealed in the pattern perfect for your ever-evolving level of understanding, ability, and confidence. As each new branch of knowledge grows, a routine is taught which puts that information into current context. Along the way, special attention is placed on those four highly transferable skills, which grow stronger as you study Cups And Balls: Acting, Timing, Routing, and Misdirection. The photographs in the book are unique, in that they have been annotated with graphics as necessary to emphasize certain points in the photo, and "highlighter" lines often link the text to a particular photo. This is meant to make the written page a little closer to the video medium, and to take advantage of the capabilities of modern print. The book gives me the feeling that I'm watching a video, rather than reading a good book.

This complete understanding approach to building your foundation gives you the tools, building blocks, and the blueprints to build any type of Cups and Balls routine you might ever need! You’ll discover classic wand moves every sleight-of-hand performer should know, opening positions and sequences, body sequences, secret loading sequences, as well as final rhythms that create the powerful misdirection to cover your final loads. Then you'll see the real work on Mastering the Final Load.


Bonus Material From:

Aldo Colombini, David Williamson, Bruce Cervon, Johnny Thompson, Michael Skinner, Tommy Wonder, Paul Gertner, Johnny Ace Palmer, Gazzo, Bob Sheets, Joachim Solberg, Shakar Junior, Eric DeCamps, Tom Mullica, Kate Medvedeva, Mike Rogers, Dominique Duvivier, and Jonathan Pendragon.

Finally, the Dai Vernon routine considered the most influential Cups and Balls routine of this century, is taught, dissected and analyzed. Overall, this is a highly recommended book for the Cups and Balls.

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Additional Information

Name Book-Complete Cups & Balls by Michael Ammar
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