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Book-All American Mafioso


When the CIA decided to assassinate Fidel Castro, they called upon a classy, well-spoken, and totally ruthless Mafioso named Johnny Rosselli. In response to the government's offer of several hundred thousand dollars for the hit, Rosselli stood up, saluted and declared he would perform the task for the love of America.

Johnny Rosselli was a Mafia powerhouse whose mob career spanned five decades, and whose friends included movie mogul Harry Cohn, Howard Hughs, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monrow, and John F. Kennedy.

  • Hollywood and the Mob: How the Mafia Muscle was employed by studio bosses to control the film industry
  • The Empire and the Desert: Behind the Mafia's influence in Las Vegas to the network of leases and hidden interests that yielded the mob their biggest cash windfall ever. 
  • Target Castro: Details for the first time the full extent of Mafia Collaboration with the CIA in Miami
  • Backdoor Washington: Rosselli's conspiracy with Washington influence peddlers to derail inquiries into the Kennedy assassination
  • Betrayal: Rosselli's betrayal by his CIA contact, and the explosive testimony that made him a bizarre celebrity on Capitol Hill -- and which eventually led to his grisly murder.
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Name Book-All American Mafioso
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