Billion Dollar Mystery

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Billion Dollar Mystery


This is one of the most amazing effects with playing cards. A card merely thought of is revealed by the Magician.

The Effect:

A spectator thinks of any card in the deck, including a Joker, without disclosing the value or the suit, he or she is shown cards of various suits and values. The magician asks, "Is your card on this board?" Then the magician does the same for each card.
After showing the cards, the Magician correctly names the card. The magician never has to look at the faces of the cards he is showing the spectator.
Then the spectator is asked to think of another card, say the "three of clubs" and is asked the same questions, the magician takes a deck out of his pocket, He says your card is the "Three of Clubs" and it is the thirteenth card from the top. The magician counts to the thirteenth card. The card thought of is turned over. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Billion Dollar Mystery
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