Bill McComb's Card Routine

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Bill McComb's Card Routine


Billy McComb's Card Routine for Klutzes!

Excerpt reads:
"Sure I've fiddled with the more obscure card sleights. Then watching magicians at conventions I realized that they often did sleights just to go one better than the next magician, BUT when it came to being an entertaining magician utilizing these sleights they were completely clueless. Like most magicians, I could do a reasonable pass, palm, top-change, false shuffle, and a force; those dated from my early days. Then, as time went on, and I had to spend time booking shows and sending material to bookers, I changed my tack. I would only sit down and really learn the sleights I could use with frequency or to get myself out of a hole. We all get into holes now and then. Getting out of them is a combination of quick thinking you get from the adrenaline flowing and from a back of the head weaponry you have built up over the years of traveling home in the car and figuring you should have done this or that instead of just standing gaping at the audience. 
So I determined to arm myself with a six cad revelation which was pretty well watertight and had little to worry about if I hadn't done it for a few weeks.
It could even be done with a borrowed deck if you could get a few seconds with it to put in some 'work'" 

This is a great routine for anyone who needs an easy card effect that almost works every time and is entertaining to the audience. 

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Additional Information

Name Bill McComb's Card Routine
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