Book-Basic Card Technique

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Book-Basic Card Technique


This book is a collection of easily reference techniques for the beginner and student of a card magic. Clearly explained and illustrated you will find all you need to learn the necessary skills you to perform these wonderful routines. Chapter 1 Chapter 11 The Pass The Glimpse or Peek Chapter 2 Chapter 12 Locations Reversing and Turning over of Cards Chapter 3 Chapter 13 Plaming Treating Cards Chapter 4 Chapter 14 Forcing Prepared Cards Chapter 5 Chapter 15 The False Cut Card Subtleties Chapter 6 Chapter 16 The False Shuffle Card Climaxes. Producing the Chosen Card Chapter 7 Chapter 17 The False Cut Flourishes Chapter 8 Chapter 18 The Double Lift Back and Front Palm Chapter 9 Chapter 19 The Top and Bottom Change Fanning Chapter 10 Chapter 20 The Glide or Slip Presentation
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Name Book-Basic Card Technique
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