Bang Cigarette Lighter

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Bang Cigarette Lighter


The exploding cigarette lighter is a great prank to play on that person that is always using your lighter and sometimes not giving it back. With this lighter set and loaded - when your unsuspecting victim picks it up off the table or desk, it will explode with a loud POP!! The actual lighter does not explode into pieces, of course, it just gives the intended victim a loud bang and a big scare.

Includes: Reload Your Exploding Pranks for Even More Fun and Laughs We have plenty exploding pranks and if you love them half as much as we do, you'll want to use them again and again Don't fear! That's what this set of Exploding Plastic Strip Caps is for! It comes with 96 caps so you can re-do all the shocks and surprises with each prank over and over again This is almost a necessity to pair with any of our exploding pranks

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Additional Information

Name Bang Cigarette Lighter
SKU 03-0020

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