DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 2

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DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 2


Learn Five Bro. John Hamman Classics from the Las Vegas Card Expert, Allan Ackerman

Hal-Duece-ination- Two red deuces are shown on both sides. With a gesture, they change to black deuces, a Hal-deuce-ination. The performer states, in fact, he must be using four cards, but when they are turned over there are four tens! The effect is repeated and the tens are left on the table, while the other pairs are placed in a pocket. The tabled cards prove to be deuces and the pocketed cards, tens. The performer is completely clean! 

Wild All The Way- Wile All The Way is actually three effects brilliantly routined. "Ace-sational" n(Hamman), "Fantabulus" and "Wild Card" (Hamman-Kane-Carcia). Wild All The Way is a stunning addition to any card repertoire.

Four-tunate Choice- Performer displays the Four of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades on both sides, all the cards having blue back. A spectator is asked to choose two suits. When the cards are turned over the selected suits have RED backs ad the remaining two cards are found to be COURT CARDS. The spectator having made some FOUR-TUNATE CHOICES. 

Peripatetic Fours- Four cards are shown to be the 4 fours. The Spades and Clubs are dealt ot one side and the Hearts and Diamonds to the other. A game of monte is played with the two red cards and the spectator guesses wrong although he saw exactly where the cards are dealt. You give him another chance with the black fours. Again he guesses wrong. Now you play the game with a red and a black card. Wrong again. Finally, he is asked the names of the two remaining cards and when he turns them over they are not fours at all but 2 entirely different cards. 

Final Twist- The ace through four of spades, blue backs, one by one turn face down. After the four has turned face down, it is turned up to reveal a four of hearts. The packet is turned face up and spread to show the ace, two and three of hearts. The backs are then shown to be red. 


Includes the DVD- Original Bro. John Hammon video footage and the gimmick cards needed for the effects taught.

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Additional Information

Name DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 2
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