DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1

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DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1


Learn Four Bro. John Hamman Classics from the Las Vegas Card Expert, Allan Ackerman

Final Aces- The trick that fooled LePaul! In the "Classic Ace Assembly," the four aces are dealt to the table and three indifferent cards are dealt on each. The Aces assemble in one pile and the indifferent cards in other piles. The effect is repeated two or three times under increasingly impossible conditions. 

Blushing Joker- Three blue-backed Jokers are shown, two with black faces and one with a "blush." The cards are dealt face-down separating the Villainous Jokers from the Blushing Joker and the "blush" vanishes. when the blushing Joker is again placed between these scoundrels his "blush" reappears. This sequence is repeated. The spectators are taken into the performer's confidence and shown that the Blushing Joker is actually double-faced, normal on one side and blushing on the other. the cards are again dealt. To the audience's surprise, the Blushing Joker is now a normal red-backed card. 

Micro Macro- A miniature deck is ribbon spread and its size is compared to four regular court cards. A flick of the wrist and the courts diminish to miniature cards. An unbelievable effect. 

Amorphous Ace- The Amorphous Ace, one of the four hearts reverses itself, rise to the top of the packet, then changes to the Ace of Clubs. The performer concludes by showing the packet to be the Aces. 

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Additional Information

Name DVD-Ackerman Teaches Hamman Vol. 1
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