A Presentist Path to World Peace

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A Presentist Path to World Peace


The author is concerned about religious-based violence occurring worldwide, He is convinced that the first step to begin a meaningful dialogue to resolve differences is to first resolve religious differences. He has a presentist world view and sees in it a basis to invalidate some destructive religious beliefs. He views science as the only universal religion and sees it as the key for religious harmony. 

The world view of a presentist is the present is the only reality. The author insists that forensics should be the standard to evaluate sacred documents. So the is no incompatibility between the presentist world view and the scientific method or the body of scientific knowledge. The presentist view is objective and it complements science without contradiction when properly explained. 

This book seeks to promote understanding by exploring some essentials of presentism, science, world religions, philosophical questions, and current affairs. 

The author is retired from a career in management using an MBA degree. The objectivity and brevity of business communication is reflected in the writing style. This is his second published work.

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Name A Presentist Path to World Peace
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