4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks

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4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks

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Four easy and amazing rope tricks with professional magician's rope Inside!


Rope thru FInger: A spectator holds out their finger. The magician wraps the rope around the outstretched finger and with a quick snap, the rope passes through the finger!

The Magic Shoe Lace: The magician makes a bow in a typical show lace fashion. He then grasps both free ends, gently pulls, and the bow dissolves right before your eyes!

The Cut and Restored Tope Trick: The magician takes a length of rope and shows it whole. They then make a loop in the rope and cuts in two with a pair of scissors. He then takes the two new loose ends and ties them in a knot. After wrapping the ropes around his hand the knot has disappeared and the rope is restored.  

Tying a Knot without Letting Go of the Ends: Take two length of ropes and give one to the spectator and have them follow along with you on a series of loops and throw the rope over the wrists without letting go of the ends and the magician has a knot and the spectator has no knot. A great bet'cha trick.

Booklet and DVL included

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Additional Information

Name 4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks
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