25 Tricks with a Card Box

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25 Tricks with a Card Box


You have a spectator select a card, place it in the box and PRESTO the card disappears!


There are 25 amazing things you can do with the CARD BOX, including a special section on Forcing!

Here are a few tricks that can be done with the Card Box!

Re-Stack: The ace, 2, 3, and 4 of spades are given to the spectator to be thoroughly mixed. They are placed in the box, given one shake, and when the box has opened the cards are found to be back in Ace, 2, 3, and 4 order. 

The Houdini Card: A white Card with the name Houdini written in large letters is shown and then given to a spectator with the request that they seal it in an envelope that the performer has supplied. The card sealed in the envelope, then placed in a box and the lid is closed. When the box is reopened the Houdini card is seen to be out of the envelope and the envelope is still sealed. 

The Vanishing Card: A box is shown empty, closed and placed aside. A card is selected, then replaced into the deck. The magician then deals the cards face up one at a time. The selected card is gone! When the box is opened, the missing card is found inside.

Comes with a Card Box and instructional booklet of 25 tricks.

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Name 25 Tricks with a Card Box
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