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Close-Up Magic

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  • Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Slow Motion Poker Deals - Searles - Download only

    Here are three Poker Deals with which you can make a reputation for yourself as an expert card handler. Learn More
  • How Gamblers Win - Eddie Joseph  (download only)

    How Gamblers Win - Eddie Joseph (download only)

    If you want to do a gambling act, this is for you. Included are gambling type effects that can be performed either individually or as a routine. Learn More
  • Book-Self Working Close-Up

    Book-Self Working Close-Up

    "Close-up card magic is performed right under the noses of the spectators. It has an immediacy that cannot be duplicated by platform magic. Seasoned professionals agree there is no better way to learn how to handle an audience than when they are inches away." — Karl Fulves. Karl Fulves is one of the most popular and respected magic authorities writing today. In Self-Working Close-Up Card Magic he shows beginners how to perform 56 tried-and-true, crowd-pleasing tricks for the kind of small, close-up audiences that gather at parties and family get-togethers. The tricks are simple to master. The performer needs only a deck of cards and a few everyday objects like a coin or a rubber band. Learn More
  • Book-Complete Cups & Balls

    Book-Complete Cups & Balls

    The Cups and Balls Magic Illusion is universally acclaimed as the effect which should be studied by every magician. Over 15 years in the planning...over 3 years in the making! This long Out-of-Print book has become an international classic. Over 750 photographs! Text highlighted in color to show you exactly what the key points are plus 18 essays written by some of the world's most respected magicians divulging their secrets and insights into this timeless piece of legerdemain! There has never been a more complete or more effective way to discover the fascinating secrets of this enduring classic. Learn More


    12 years and up One of the most useful props in magic. Makes any small object appear or disappear. Learn More


    Great for magicians with large hands. Perfectly undetectable for any effect or routine that uses a thumb-tip. Learn More
  • Mallet Ball & Vase

    Mallet Ball & Vase

    An extremely rare handcrafted effect of magic. The vase is similar to appearance to a ball vase except when you hit the ball with the mallet, the ball completely disappears. Watch the video. They are incredibly difficult to make and very rare to find anywhere.

    Learn More
  • Key bender

    Key bender

    Perform shere miracles with this Ultimate Device quickly and easily! Performs special powers for mentalists and imagine their reactions, when you borrow their keys and return them bent like a number "7". Learn More
  • Book-Hot Rod 50 Tricks,Tips, & Jokes with a Hot Rod

    Book-Hot Rod 50 Tricks,Tips, & Jokes with a Hot Rod

    Imagine this: The magician shows a small rod with different colored spots on each side. The spectator selects a color and magically all the spots change to the selected color! That is the Hot Rod, the world's greatest pocket trick! Armed with a Hot Rod you can perform an entertaining routine for your audience anytime. The step-by-step instructions will show you a complete routine. With a little practice, you will amaze your friends in no time! HOT ROD SOLD SEPARATELY Learn More
  • Hot Rod

    Hot Rod

    The magician shows a plastic rod with six different colored plastic gems on both sides. The spectator is asked to pick a number from 1 to 6. Whatever number that is with a corresponding colored gem -- the magician shakes the rod and all of the colors change to the chosen color! 

    Learn More
  • Book-Sponge Ball Magic

    Book-Sponge Ball Magic

    A manual by Terry Nosek on how to make sponge balls appear, disappear and multiply in the spectator's hands. Complete with beginning tricks, sleight of hand and routines. 

    Learn More
  • Chinese Sticks Book

    Chinese Sticks Book

    This great book gives you the classic routine and some other effects possible with this old classic. This book walks you right through this easy to do the effect. 

    Learn More

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