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Ventriloquist Figure Molded after the great circus star. • Approximately 30" tall. • Vinyl head and hands. • Painted eyes and mouth. • Molded hair

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Emmett Kelly Jr. displayed a brilliant talent for using body language to convey emotion to his audience and he entertained millions with his perpetual, "sad clown" expression. One of the most recognizable clowns in the world, Kelly is best remembered for his "sweeping the spotlight" routine. His tattered clothing a signature part of his act, Emmett is wearing a bright, multicolor coat with images of happy clowns, blue elephants, and neon orange and green balls decorating a field of muted violet. Emmett's face also features heavy beard growth and a painted red nose. Emmett is wearing roughed-up blue jeans, black hobo shoes, and a molded short-brimmed and moth-damaged hat that is a bit past "second hand. This celebrity dummy/doll comes with a set of basic instructions included on "How To Be A Ventriloquist." *** PLEASE NOTE: The mouth on this doll is operated via a string affixed to the back of the doll's head. Hold the head with one hand and pull the string with your other.

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