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A beautiful piece of apparatus made of wood and brass. A spider rests in the center of his web on an ornate Victorian stand. A card is selected by a spectator and the spider moves along the web and locates it by magic.  Easy to do and a great conversation piece.

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 The card is vanished and the web is given a spin, as it spins a small spot begins to appear on the web. As the spot grows larger it moves to the center where it is caught in the grasp of the spider. When the web stops, it proves to be the selected card. Made of Solid Walnut , Oak and Maple.  The beautiful wood marquetry design of the web makes a stunning visual display as it is spinning. Card can be changed easily to any poker size card you wish.
      This Card Spider is a perfect match to our Victorian Card Star, the base and maple and walnut match the card star as well as the 3   dimensional spider being a work of art in it self.

Stands an impressive 24 inches tall and disassembles easily into 3 pieces for packing

Made entirely
of oak, walnut and maple

Please note that the web marquetry is made up of solid quarter inch wood not a thin inlay

The spider is hand crafted of maple and solid brass

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Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle

Label included 

The magician shows a beer bottle and places it into an empty paper bag. PRESTO, he crushes the bag--the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 9"" high X 2.5"" diameter



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