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Emperor's Orange Box

Emperor's Orange Box



A ring is borrowed from a spectator and an orange is selected from several.  Both disappear.  A box is displayed with a ribbon running through it. When opened the orange is cut open  and inside is found the spectator's ring with a ribbon running through it.  Easy to do.

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 The door is opened and the orange revealed inside the cabinet threaded on the cord.

After untying the ends of the cord, the orange and cord are pulled free of the cabinet. The orange is cut open and, in the center, knotted to the cord, is found the borrowed ring which may be removed and identified by the spectator!

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Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle- Full

The magician shows a full bottle of COCA COLA and places it into a paper bag.  PRESTO he smashes the bag, the bottle has vanished!  Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 7.5"" high X 2.25"" diameter 



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