Prod. Flower Bouquet paper number 10 Expand
Prod. Flower Bouquet paper number 10

Prod. Flower Bouquet paper number 10



This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers, (which makes a much bigger display than a bouquet of ten or more feather flowers). Ideally, these bouquets are produced from thin air after showing your hands empty, or from a silk scarf or other location.  Colorful and easy to perform.

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They could also be produced from any production prop, like a Mirror Box, Square Circle Production Outfit, Large Ghost Tube etc. Comes with instructions and ideas for use.

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Psychic Escape

 The spectator is asked to flip the colored discs over and mix them up, hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disc and is asked to place all discs in the container. The container is sealed and a string is run through the center. Magically, the performer is able to make the selected disc escape from the string of discs and drop out of the chamber!



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