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Knife Thru Arm

Knife Thru Arm



Pass a knife thru your arm and watch the blood flow. Remove the knife and your arm is completely healed.  No danger.  Easy to do.  Comes with instructions.

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Show a large Knife, with Gleaming blade. Roll up your shirt sleeve and then in a Shocking display and with one swift movement, Smash the Blade of the Knife down on your forearm. NO TRICK MOVES REQUIRED The blade appears to have penetrated your arm BLOOD SQUIRTS OUT ALL OVER Fully self-contained Wood Handle & Chromed Steel Handle

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Self Folding Bill

A dollar bill is held in your open hand.  Suddenly it begins to fold itself in half-- once, twice and three times!  Amazing to see.  Easy to do.  Can be performed with paper money from other countries once you know the secret.



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