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A blackboard is displayed divided into 6 sections.  You ask 3 spectators to think of A) any color, B) any flower and C) a playing card.  You read their minds and reveal their thoughts.  Amazing & easy to do.

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A Magician chooses three spectators from the audience. One spectator chooses a card, another thinks of a city of his or her choice, and the last will think of someone's name. The performer writes three predictions in the top three squares and covers the predictions. The spectators say what they are thinking. The Magician writes the answers on the three bottom squares. In the end, the Magician reveals he has made all the right predictions. 

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Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle

Label included 

The magician shows a beer bottle and places it into an empty paper bag. PRESTO, he crushes the bag--the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 9"" high X 2.5"" diameter



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