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Money Mouth Coils

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Each Mouth coil is 25' and they look like they're made out of $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills!. Amaze Your Audience As These Long, Money Coils Magically Appear From Your Mouth.

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A braided streamer of brilliant multicolored paper that can be produced from anywhere. Open your mouth, reach in and produce 25 feet of rainbow colored streamers ? all dry! This never fails to get applause from any audience. If you prefer, the coils can be produced from a hat, production box, purse frame -- or anywhere else your imagination can conjure up. These are each made by hand in the USA. Each coil is 25 feet long. Each pack contains 12 non-reusable coils.


Color: Money Print.


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Double Color Changing Hanky

Two scarfs, red & blue (connected together) are displayed and pulled through the magician's closed hand--they change by magic to yellow & green.  One of the easiest to do.  Colorful & fun.



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